Bus Communications Chp 1 Quiz

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  1. Both speaking and writing skills are considered major determinants of career success.
  2. At what level are Writing skills used more at?
    The lower-level position.
  3. Both effective speaking and writing skills are needed for?
    Career success
  4. As one moves up the corporate ladder what is needed most?
    Interpersonal/People Skills are needed more.
  5. Does a typical manager spends the majority of his or her time involved in communication.
  6. The basic purposes of communication are to inform, to persuade, and to resolve conflict.
  7. People communicate in order to?
    inform, persuade, and entertain.
  8. A manager spends much (60 to 80%) of his or her time involved in _____.
  9. ________ contributes to a breakdown in the communication process?
    Contradictory nonverbal signals
  10. Contradictory nonverbal signals can cause?
    ineffective communication.
  11. The best channel for notifying employees that the company is relocating is:
  12. The process of creating a message is referred to as:
  13. Feedback can flow both downward and upward in ________ communication.
  14. The best channel for giving bad news is?
  15. The formal communication channel is created by management to?
    control individual and group behavior and achieve organizational goals.
  16. Organizational communicational contains both?
    downward and upward communication flows.
  17. Gender, age differences, and culture can present barriers to team communication.
  18. Various differences among individuals can be barriers and must be overcome for
    effective communication to occur.
  19. The greatest requirement for an effective team in the workplace is:
    the ability to understand the feelings and needs of the team members.
  20. Team members who feel comfortable on the team will be more willing to?
    share their ideas and commit to the total group's performance.
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