Med Terminology

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  1. a-
    without, absence of
  2. an-
    without, absence of
  3. brady-
  4. dia-
    around, passing through
  5. dys-
    bad, abnormal, painful, difficult
  6. end-, endo-
  7. epi-
    upon, over, above, on top
  8. hyper-
    excessive, abnormally high
  9. para- near, alongside, departure from normal
  10. peri-
  11. poly-
  12. quadri-
  13. sym-
    together, joined
  14. syn-
    together, joined
  15. ankyl/o
    fused, not straight
  16. arthr/o
  17. burs/o
    purse or sac, bursa
  18. carcin/o
  19. carp/o
  20. cartil/o
    gristle, cartilage
  21. cel/o
    hernia, protrusion
  22. chir/o
  23. chondr/o
  24. condyl/o
    knuckle of joint
  25. cost/o
  26. cran/o, crani/o
    skull, cranium
  27. ili/o
  28. kinesi/o
  29. -algia
  30. -asthenia
  31. -blast
    germ, bud, developing cell
  32. -cele
    hernia, swelling, protrusion
  33. -centesis
    a surgical puncture to aspirate fluids
  34. -clasia, -clasis, -clast
    break apart
  35. -clonus
    in motion
  36. -desis
    surgical fixation, fusion
  37. -dynia
  38. -iatry
    treatment, specialty
  39. -iatrist
    one who practices
  40. -ist
    one who practices
  41. -oid
  42. -otomy, -tomy
    cutting into, incision
  43. -path
  44. -pathy
  45. -physis
  46. -plegia
  47. -practic
    one who practices
  48. -practor
    one who practices
  49. -ptosis
    falling down, drooping
  50. -rrhaphy
  51. -s
  52. -schisis
    split, fissure
  53. -syndesis
    surgical fixation, fusion
  54. -tic
    pertaining to
  55. -trophy
    nourishment, developement
  56. -um
    pertaining to
  57. -y
    process of
  58. Diaphysis
    long shaft of a bone
  59. Periosteum
    outer membrane in the long shaft of bone
  60. Phalanges
    fingers and toes
  61. Carpals
    the small bones of the wrist
  62. Cranium
    Part of the skull, the bones that surround the brain,
  63. Femur
    the bone of the upper leg
  64. Extension of the arm is?
    To flex the arm in a downward motion
  65. Flexion of the arm?
    Is to flex the arm in an upward motion
  66. Abduction
    Moving arm away from the body.
  67. Adduction
    Moving the arm towards to the body
  68. Fascia
    A muscle that contains layers of connective tissues.
  69. burs, bursa
    a small sac, containing fluid in the shoulder, wrist, elbow or knee joints.
  70. Carp, carpals
    the small bones of the wrist
  71. Metacarpals
    the small bones of the hand
  72. cran, crani
    skull, cranium
  73. Flex
    bending a joint
  74. ilium
    the wing shaped bone of the pelvic girdle
  75. ischium
    the inferior bone of the pelvic girdle
  76. neur, aponeurosis
    a flatten tendon, a fascia that joins muscles together, or joins muscles to bone.
  77. menisc, meniscus
    a cresant-shaped cartilage that helps stablize joint movement
  78. emdosteum
    a thin layer of connective tissue that line the marrow cavity
  79. osteoblast
    a bone call that is mobile and secretes bone matrix
  80. osteoclast
    a bone cell that dissolves bone matrix
  81. pariet, parietal
    two bones at the top of the head
  82. phalanges
    small, narrow bones of the fingers
  83. radi, radius
    the bone of the forearm, inline with the thumb
  84. sacr, sacrum
    the four vertebrea the fuse together of the pelvis
  85. synovial joint
    the lubrication and cushion found in the synovial joints
  86. tars, metatarsus
    bones of the foot
  87. tarsus
    bones of the ankle
  88. ten, tend, tendon
    a band of fiberous tissue that connect muscles to bone
  89. cervical vertebrea
    the first 7 bones of the vertebral column, numbered C1-C7
  90. intervertbral disc
    the fibrocartilaginous disc located between vertebrae
  91. lumbar vertebrae
    5 vertebrae of the lower spine L1-L5
  92. thoracic vertebrae
    12 vertebrae of the thorax, numbered T1-T12, each one lines up with a pair of ribs.
  93. vertebral column
    the spinal comlumn; 33-34 vertebrae in a linear formation
  94. gout
    abnormal deposition of uric acid crystals in the joints (usually the bog toe joints); causes localized pain.
  95. osteoarthritis
    a form of arthritis charachterized by age related deterioration of joints that is accompained by erosion of cartilage and and painful inflammation. Abbreviated OA
  96. kyphosis
    a deformity of the spine charachterized by the presence of a hump; also known as hunchback.
  97. lordosis
    a deformity of the spine charachterized by an anterior curveof the lumbar area.
  98. rheumatoid arthritis
    a form of arthritis charachterized by progressive gradual joint deteriorization that is caused by an autoimmune response (attack by the bodies own white blood cells); abbreviated RA
  99. scoliosis
    abnormal lateral curvature of the spine.
  100. Sprain
    an injury that results from stretching a ligament beyond its normal range, tearing its collagen fibers.
  101. strain
    an injury that results from stretching a muscle beyond its normal range, tearing muscle tissue.
  102. laminectomy
    surgical excision of part of a vertebra known as lamina, often as part of a treatment for a herniated (ruptured) disk
  103. orthotics
    construction and fitting of orthopedic appliances, such as lifts, prosthtic devices, to assist in patients movement.
  104. ostectomy
    surgical excision of bone
  105. osteopathy
    a medical field that specializes the relationship between the musculoskeletal system and overall health, with an emphasis on preventive medicine.
  106. prosthesis
    an artificial substitute for a missing body part.
  107. rachiotomy
    a surgical incision into the vertebral column
  108. spondylosyndesis
    surgically connecting adjacent vertebrae; commonly known as spinal fusion.
  109. ACL
    anterior cruciate ligament; a ligament that stabilizes the knee joint.
  110. EMG
  111. MD
    muscular dystrophy
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