AP World- Ch. 22 Questions

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  1. Europeans used their sea power to control commerce in all the following products except
  2. What nation was responsible for opening the Indies to Europeans?
  3. What market did the Europeans first discover that they possessed little of value in the markets of the Eastern sea trading network?
  4. In which of the Asian manufacturing zones were paper, porcelain, and silks major products?
  5. Which of the following statements most accurately reflects the nature of the Asian trading network?
    The islands on the periphery of the major empires were important, because they supplied raw materials to the manufacturing zones.
  6. Which of the following statements concerning the organization of trade in the Asian sea network is most accurate?
    There was no central control, and force was usually absent from commercial exchanges.
  7. What was the economic policy that encouraged the Portuguese to utilize force in entering the Asian trade network?
  8. Over whose forces did the Portuguese win the sea battle of Diu in 1509?
    a combined Egyptian and Indian force
  9. Which of the following was a fortified trading port established by the Portuguese in the early sixteenth century?
  10. Despite having captured Malacca, why did the Dutch move their trading headquarters in the spice islands to Batavia?
    Batavia was closer to the sources of spices.
  11. What happened to the English attempts to enter the spice trade?
    The English were forced to fall back on the cotton textile trade of India.
  12. What Jesuit missionary was responsible for creating the strategy of converting Hindu elites as a means of achieving mass conversions?
    Robert di Nobili
  13. In which of the following areas did the Christian missionaries enjoy the most lasting success?
  14. Which reform was introduced by the first Ming emperor?
    The position of the scholar-gentry within the bureaucracy was restored.
  15. Which of the following European products had a significant impact on the Chinese economy during the Ming era?
    maize, sweet potatoes, peanuts
  16. What social group benefited most from the expansion of trade during the Ming era?
    the merchants
  17. Why did the Chinese abandon the commercial voyages of the Zhenghe expeditions?
    There was little of value for the Chinese to import, and the voyages were expensive to carry out.
  18. Which of the following was NOT a policy imposed as a result of Japanese isolation in the seventeenth century?
    The Japanese elite abandoned all contact with Western learning and technological advance.
  19. Which of the following was responsible for the reestablishment of the Shogunate in Japan?
    Tokugawa Ieyasu
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