EBM Exam 1

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  1. In ___% of cases the ultimate question is significantly different from the original question asked.
  2. Why is it imoportant to define a clinical question?
    • be sure you are researching the right info
    • provides direction
    • identify key search terms
    • maintain focus
  3. Defining the problem includes
    • context and scope of the problem
    • use logical inquiries
  4. PICO approach
    • patients
    • intervention
    • comparison
    • outcome
  5. Patients in PICO approach
    what type of patient/population requiring special attention is associated with the clinical problem
  6. Intervention in PICO
    what interventions can be used in this clinical situation?
  7. Comparison in PICO
    what additional interventions can be considered and compared to the chosen intervention
  8. Outcome in PICO
    what is the end result desired for the patient/population?
  9. Benefits of PICO approach
    • identify search terms
    • determine relevance of search results
    • focus information retrieval
    • focus critical evaluation
    • develope recommendation with justifications
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