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  1. Pituitary?
    Respiratory System?
    • -growth and developing
    • -give the body air to supply oxygen to the cells thoughout the blood
  2. Thymus Gland?
    Circulatory System?
    -immunity torns infections

    • -a pump the hearrt
    • - the pluming the blood vessel
    • -circulating fluid, blood
  3. Thyroid Gland?
    Integumentary system?
    -breaks down food

    • -The largest organ of the body (skin and nails)
    • -protects the body from infection
  4. Pancreas Gland?
    Adrenal Gland?
    • -produce important hormones
    • -responsible for releasing homones
  5. Sensory System?
    Urethra? (urinary system parts)
    • -Information recieved is sent by nerves to the brain.
    • -The opening where the urine come out.
  6. Bladder? (urinary system parts)
    Ureters? (urinary system parts)
    • -hold the urine
    • -carry the urnine
  7. kidneys? (urinary system parts)
    Nervous system?
    -perform main work

    • -central nervous system
    • consist of the brain in the spinal cord
    • -peripheral nervous system
    • consist all the nevers connected to the CNS
  8. Urinary System?
    • excretion - the process of removing
    • secretion -it poduce urine
    • elimination - to empty urine
  9. Digestion System
    takes in and absorbs nutrients and eliminates waste
  10. System?
    -a group of organs working together to perform a function of the body

    -two or more types of tissue that work together to perform a specific body tissue
  11. Nervous tissue?
    Muscle tissue?
    Epithelial tissue?
    Connective tissue?
    • -control the body
    • -responsible for movement
    • -line the cavities and sufaces of structures throughout the body
    • -is a fibrous tissue
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