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  1. decir mentiras al pueblo
    to tell lies to the people
  2. hacer reformas
    to make reforms
  3. obtener tratados
    to obtain treaties
  4. poner los anuncios en la televisión
    to put commercials on TV
  5. conocer las leyes
    to know the laws
  6. establecer leyes
    to establish the laws
  7. merecer la presidencia
    to deserve the presidency
  8. obedecer las leyes
    to obey the laws
  9. producir café y plátanos
    to produce coffee and bananas
  10. reducir los impuestos/el déficit
    to reduce the taxes/deficit
  11. elegir a un nuevo presidente
    to elect a new president
  12. elegir a personas responsables
    to elect responsible people
  13. proteger a la gente
    to protect the people
  14. proteger los recursos naturales
    to protect the natural resources
  15. destruir la credibilidad
    to destroy the credibility
  16. defender a su candidato preferido
    to defend your preferred candidate
  17. encontrar soluciones
    to find solutions
  18. mentir
    to lie
  19. pedir justicia
    to ask for justice
  20. pensar antes de votar
    to think before you vote
  21. perder la confianza
    to lose trust
  22. resolver el problema
    to solve the problem
  23. seguir
    to follow
  24. servir al público
    to serve the public
  25. buscar la paz
    to look for peace
  26. buscar soluciones a los problemas
    to look for solutions to the problems
  27. criticar a la oposición
    to criticize the opposition
  28. pagar los impuestos
    to pay the taxes
  29. realizar los planes
    to realize the plans
  30. saber negociar
    to know how to negotiate
  31. ser realista
    to be realistic

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