list one vocab tkm

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  1. affirmative
    saying or confirming that something is true
  2. antagonize
    provoke, annoy, cause person or animal to bacome hostile
  3. perrogative
    Privilegerestricted to people of rank or position; individual right or privilege; superiority
  4. curt
    Rudely brief or abrupt; rough, severe
  5. pensive
    Thinking deeply, especially in a sad or serious manner
  6. intermittent
    Occurring at irregular intervals
  7. stifle
    • Smother, suffocate; prevent development of something,
    • suppress
  8. . prevail
    Triumph; in position of greater influence and power
  9. succinct
    Brief and to the point
  10. affluent
    Rich; abundance of material wealth
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