ch 5

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  1. cues
    pieces of data or information that influence decisions
  2. data
    pieces of information on a specific topic
  3. database
    all the information gathered about a patient
  4. defining charcteristics
    are those charcteristics (signs and symptoms) that must be present for a particular nursing diagnosis to be appropiate for that patient
  5. etiologic factors
    are the causes of the problem
  6. expected outcomes
    is a specific statement of the goal the patient is expected to achieve as a result of the nursing intervention
  7. goal
    a broad idea of what is to be achieved through nursing intervention
  8. inferences
    conclusions made based on observed data
  9. interview
    conversations where facts are obtained
  10. nursing diagnosis
    statements that indicates the patient actual health status or the risk of a problem developing, the causative or related factors and specific defining charcteristics
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