Chem TestC

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  1. What processes are exothermic reactions?
    • freezing
    • condensation
  2. What processes are endothermic?
    • Melting
    • boiling
  3. How is the phase diagram of water different from other phase diagrams?
    The line seperating the solid from the liquid is tilted up and to the left, giving it a negative slope
  4. What happens to the kinetic energy of a gas if it is heated?
    kinetic energy also increases
  5. What do all substances have if they have the same temperature?
    they have the same kinectic energy
  6. What happens to pressure when temperature is increased?
    pressure increases
  7. When does a liquid begin to boil?
    when vapor pressure equals 1atm - 760.0 torr
  8. What happens when a substance has a high intermolecular force?
    fewer molecules vaportize which means a lower vapor pressure
  9. What happens when a pot of boiling water is on a stove and the burner is turned up?
    stays at the same temperature. but boils more rapidly
  10. What happens when a water and ice mixture is initially heated?
    none of the abosrbed energy is converted to kinectic energy
  11. Why does carbon dioxide normally sublime?
    because the atmospheric pressure is below the triple point pressure
  12. What is the pressure resulting from the collision of air moecules with objects called?
    atmospheric pressure
  13. What is the point at which all particle motion theoretically stops called?
    absolute zero
  14. What is the pressure above a liquid in a seal container caused by collison of vaporized particles with the walls of the container called?
    vapor pressure
  15. what is a device used to measure pressure?
  16. What is the assertion that the tiny particles in all forms of matter are moving called?
    kinetic theory
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