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  1. carcinoma
    malignant cancer of the epithelial tissue
  2. gastrotomy
    process of cutting into the stomach
  3. diagnosis
    state of knowledge
  4. prognosis
    knowledge before
  5. iatrogenic
    produced by treatment or physician
  6. sarcoma
    tumor of the connective tissue
  7. resection
    process of cutting back
  8. leukemia
    blood condition of the white cells
  9. hepatoma
    malignant tumor of the liver
  10. gastroenterology
    pertaining to the study of the stomach and intestines
  11. hypoglycemia
    condition of a deficet of blood sugar
  12. prostsate gland
    gland stands before
  13. adipose
    fall of fat
  14. chondroma
    benign tumor of the cartlidge
  15. chondrosarcoma
    malignant tumor of the cartlidge
  16. chromosomes
    bodies of color
  17. craniotomy
    process of cutting in the skull
  18. karyotype
    classification or picture of the nucleus
  19. thoracic
    pertaining to the chest
  20. visceral
    pertaining to the internal organs
  21. otalgia
    ear pain
  22. thoracentesis
    surgical puncture to remove fluid from the chest
  23. streptococcus
    berry-shaped bacterium in twisted chains
  24. staphylococci
    berry-shaped bacterium clusters
  25. pleurodynia
    pain of the pleura
  26. ischemia
    holding back of blood
  27. angiogenesis
    producting or forming blood vessel
  28. myelogram
    records of the spinal cord or bone marrow
  29. hemolysis
    breakdown or destruction of the red blood cells
  30. osteomalacia
    softening of the bone
  31. chondramalacia
    softening of the cartlidge
  32. acromegaly
    enlargement of the extremities
  33. myosarcoma
    malignant tumor of the flesh tissue
  34. multiple myeloma
    multiple tumors of the bone marrow
  35. necropsy
    process of viewing the dead
  36. agoraphobia
    fear of the market place
  37. acrophobia
    fear of extreme points
  38. achondroplasia
    deficiency of cartlidge formation or growth
  39. blepharophosis
    condition of the dropping or falling of the eye lids
  40. arteriosclerosis
    hardening of the arteries
  41. laparoscope
    instrument used for viewing the abdomen
  42. laparotomy
    incisiong of the abdomen or peritoneal cavity
  43. atrophy
    without nourishment
  44. adipose
    full of fat
  45. necrotic
    pertaining to death of the cell or body
  46. What is a hernia?
    protrusion of an organ of the muscular wall of an organ through the cavity that it normall contains
  47. What is an hiatal hernia?
    Stomach protrudes upward in the mediastinum through the esophageal opening in the diaphagm
  48. Inguinal hernia
    part of the intestines protrudes downward into the groin
  49. Cystocele
    part of the urinary bladder herniates through the vaginal wall as a result of weakness of the pelvic muscles
  50. Rectocele
    protrusion of a portion of the rectum toward the vagina
  51. Omphalocele
    herniation through the abdominal wall near the navel
  52. anoxia
    without oxygen
  53. abnormal
    away from normal
  54. antecibum
    before meals
  55. antisepsis
    against infection
  56. autoimmune disease
    disease producing antibodies against oneself
  57. bifucation
    two branches
  58. congenital anomaly
    pertaining to being formed together with irregularity
  59. diameter
    to completely measure through
  60. diarreha
    to discharge or flow through or completely
  61. dyspnea
    difficult or abnomal breathing
  62. exophtalmos
    condition of outisde the eye
  63. hemiglossectomy
    process of removing half the tongue
  64. hyperplasia
    condition of excessive formation or growth
  65. hypertrophy
    process of excessive development
  66. infracostal
    pertaining to beneath the ribs
  67. malaise
    feeling of discomfort
  68. metacarpel bones
    bones beyond the wrist bones
  69. metamorphosis
    condition of changing shape
  70. percutaneous
    through the skin
  71. periosteum
    surrounding the bone
  72. polyneuritis
    much inflammation of the nerves
  73. prodrome
    before illness
  74. prolapse
    forward fall, sag, or slide
  75. pseudocyesis
    false pregnancy
  76. relapse
    falling back
  77. remission
    to send back
  78. retroflexion
    tilted backward
  79. subcutaneous
    beneath or under the skin
  80. syndactyly
    condition of the fingers or toes together
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