Chapter 12 (5)

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  1. What is a nerve plexus?
    A complex interwoven network of nerves.
  2. What are the four ventral rami plexuses?
    • Cervical plexus
    • Brachial plexus
    • Lumbar plexus
    • Sacral plexus
  3. Describe the location and function of the cervical plexus.
    • The cervical plexus is made up of ventral rami of spinal nerves C1-C5.
    • It innervates Muscles of neck, diaphragmatic muscles, skin of neck, and skin of the superior part of the chest.
  4. What is the function of the phrenic nerve?
    To innervate diaphragmatic muscles.
  5. Describe the branchial plexus.
    • Innervates pectoral girdle and upper limb.
    • C4-T1
  6. Describe the lumbar and sacral plexuses.
    • Arise from lumbar and sacral segments of the spinal cord.
    • Innervates the pelvic girdle and lower limbs.
  7. Describe the basic steps in a reflex arc.
    • Arrival of stimulus and activation of recceptor.
    • Activation of sensory neuron.
    • Information processing.
    • Activation of motor neuron.
    • Response of perpheral effector.
  8. Reflexes are classified based on what?
    • Their development.
    • Nature of resulting motor response.
    • Complexity of neural circuit involved.
    • Site of information processing.
  9. Are catagories of reflex classification mutually exclusive?
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