U.s history final

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  1. no one wins
  2. responsible for the draft
    selective service
  3. guns fall silent or cease fire
  4. pay for war using
    liberty bonds
  5. language that offends the country
    Sedition Act
  6. the countries Germany, Austria-Hungary
    Central Powers
  7. the countries France, England, Russia
    Allied Powers
  8. Made it illegal to interfere with the draft and silence critics of the war
    Espionage Act
  9. Entered WW1
  10. Causes of the war (WW1)
    • June, archduke Ferdinand assasinated
    • Austria-Hungary declares war affecting other countries causing a chain reaction.
  11. Modern Warfare
    • hand gernade
    • Machine gun
    • Poison gases
    • Killed massive amounts of people
  12. The first woman elected to congress, a passafist, and from Missoula
    Jeannette Rankin
  13. Telegram intercepted by the British. Germany was offering Mexico the lost states if they helped fight germany's war effort. Piece of propaganda.
    Zimmerman Telegram
  14. This caused the U.S to go to war. Sank passenger boats and merchant ships.
  15. Out come of WW1
    The war end in a stalemate, millions of people die, Treaty of Versailles is signed and ermany is required to give up land and pay france in reparations.
  16. Wanted to end all secret alliances
    Change naval warfare
    Self determinataion
    reduction of armanents
    Form an association of nations to secure world peace.
    Wilson's (key) Fourteen Points
  17. Essay Question
    American Revolution- Imperialism
    • Independence (from Britian, great leadership from Washington, Democracy, Constitution)
    • Jefferson (expands land west, Lewis and Clark, Louisianna Purchase)
    • Battle of New Orleans(Burn DC, Andrew Jackson)
    • Spanish American War (got the southwest
    • Civil War (Slavery & state rights, Getysburg, Lincoln killed)
    • Reconstruction (south & start of klan)
    • West ward Expansion (Indians, Battle of LB)
    • Industrialism (Big Bussiness/ workers, Union)
    • Imperialism (liberate Cuba, get Panama Canal access and Guam, PuertoRico and the Philipeans.)
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