5 Paragraph Order

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  1. Introduction
    • Good morning gentlemen, I’m 2nd Lt. Loseke and today I’ll be going over the 5-paragrh order, officially known as SMEAC.
    • This class will be taught as an open style lecture utilizing an easel for visual aid. Please feel to interject if you have any questions or have more current information regarding how the 5-paragraph order is taught at OCS.
  2. What is the 5 Paragraph Order?
    • Specific format in which orders and instructions are organized, sequenced, and transmitted from leaders to subordinates.
    • This common format means that no matter who is giving the order, you know what kind of information you're going to get next.
  3. What is it’s purpose? Purpose is 3-fold-
    • to ensure subordinate units function in a coordinated manner towards achieving the commander's will
    • to limit and determine what information is transmitted
    • to subordinate units to format the transmission of information in a standard sequence to facilitate its development and understanding
    • All in all- this boils down to mission completeness
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