Athletic Training

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  1. accident insurance
    • covers accident on school grounds while student is in attendence
    • relieves school of financial responsibility
  2. personal liability insurance
    • covers claim of negligence on the part of individuals
    • major concern is ensuring reasonable supervision
  3. assumption of risk
    • written statement describing risk
    • by signing, individual knows hazards present
  4. capitation
    form of reimbursement where member of managed care pays a standard fee on a monthly basis
  5. HMO (health maintanence organization)
    • form of medical insurance that provides reimbursement for 100% of medical costs
    • limits where it is received
  6. PPO (preferred provider organization)
    • form of medical insurance that provides discounted health care
    • limits where individual can go
  7. POS (point of service)
    combination of HMO and PPO
  8. Third Party Reimbursement
    primary mechanism for payment of medical expenses used by provider for reimbursement by patient insurance company
  9. OSHA
    • Occupational Safety and Health Administration
    • organization responsible for establishing guidelines on health care
  10. illumination
    • optimal lighting for AT room
    • 30 ft candles at the height of 4 ft above the floor
  11. GFI
    • Ground Fault interruptor
    • type of outlet used to prevent electrocution
  12. extrinsic factors
    factors that refer to type of activity being performed or type of injury sustained
  13. intrinsic factors
    factors refer to individual such as age, height, weight
  14. accident
    act that occurs by chance or without intention
  15. injury
    • act that damages or hurts
    • risk of injury depends on type of sport (collision, contact, non-contact)
  16. liability
    legally responsible for harm one causes another person
  17. standard of care
    act of individual with similar educational background or training
  18. negligence
    failure to use ordinary or reasonable care
  19. torts
    legal wrongs committed against a person or property of another
  20. omission
    a tort where individual fails to perform a legal duty
  21. commission
    a tort where he/she commits act that is not legally his/hers to perform
  22. misfeasance
    individual improperly does something they have legal right to do
  23. malfeasance
    commission of unlawful act done in official capacity
  24. statutes of limitations
    • specific length of time individuals may sue for damages from negligence
    • vary from state to state (usually 1-3 years)
  25. product liability
    manufacturers of equipment have a duty to design and produce equipment that does not cause injury as long as used as intended
  26. NOCSAE
    • National Operating Committee on Standard for Athletic Equipment
    • minimum standards for equipment
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