Volume 1 Unit 2

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  1. List the guidelines that can help establish your image with a customer.
    • -Show an interest in each customer
    • -Tell them about CE services
    • -Show your proffessionalism by acting and dressing proffesionally
  2. List some guidelines that will help you to improve your communication skills.
    1. Seek to clarify your ideas before communicating, 2. Examine the true purpose of each comunication, 3. Consider the total physical and human setting, 4. Consult with others when appropriate, 5. When communicating watch the overtones as well as the basic content of your message, 6. Take the opportunity when it arises to convey something of value or assistance to the receiver 7. Try to analyze and evaluate your communication style by asking questions. 8.Encourage feedback from your customers. 9. Communicate for tomorrow as well as today. 10. Be sure your actions support your statements and communications. 11. Seek not only to be understood but also to understand your customer by being a good listener.
  3. What type of work request should be used for minor maintenance that is not emergency or urgent in nature?
    AF Form 332
  4. What type of work request should be used for self-help remodeling?
    AF Form 332
  5. What type of work request should be used for Natural gas leak?
    Service call
  6. What type of job order is used to correct a condition that will slow down or stop the mission?
    Emergency job order
  7. What type of job order is used to correct problems that are not emergencies, but should be corrected within 7 calender workdays?
    Urgent job order
  8. Which Air Force form authorizes routine work that does not need coordination between shops?
    AF Form 1879, BCE job order record
  9. *What is the primary Air Force form used to authorize MFH renovation jobs?
    AF Form 1219, BCE multi-craft job order
  10. *Which form authorizes work that needs detatiled planning, special costing, close coordination between shops, or large bills of material?
    AF form 327, BCE work order
  11. What is the purpose of the recurring work program?
    To manage recurring maintenance of real property, real property installed equipment (RPIE), and other equipment that is the maintenance responsibility of CE
  12. What form is used to identify recurring maintenance actions?
    AF Form 1841, maintenance action sheet (MAS)d
  13. Who lists maintenance tasks on the AF Form 1841, Maintenance action sheet (MAS)?
    The shop supervisor
  14. How is the MAS used when a maintenance action is to be done?
    A copy of the MAS is given to the worker, who uses it as a guide to complete the job
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