Bio 1215 Lab 2 Diversity in kingdom plantae

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  1. What is the general plant life cycle (Alternation of Generations?)
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  2. What is this?Image UploadImage UploadImage Upload
    Moss gametophyte
  3. What is this? Image UploadImage Upload
    Moss sporophyte
  4. What is this? and what does it produce on surface of their gametophytes?Image UploadImage Upload
    Liverworts, produce small cup shaped structures called gemmae cups on top of their gametophytes.
  5. What is this? And what what phylum is this under?

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    Phylum Lycophyta

    fragile looking, light freen, leaves fall with gravity
  6. Whats the common name for this? and what phylum is it under?Image UploadImage UploadImage Upload
    Running Pine, phylum Lycophyta, "club moss" not really a moss.
  7. What are these? Why phylum is it in?
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    Phylum Pterophyta. These Pterophyte sporophytes can grow to the size of a tree, froma microscopic gametophyte view.

    • 1. Horse tails - green bamboo stick like
    • 2. whisk ferms - not really a fern
  8. What is a sorus? (plural sori)
    Where is the sorus here? Image UploadImage Upload
    Fern sporophytes produce sporangia in clusters on the back of the fern fronds. Each cluster is called a sorus.

    sorus = whole round yellow structure is made of sporangia.
  9. Which is the archegonia? And the antheridia?
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    fern gametophyte with archegonia = small dark tube like structures each contains one egg

    fern gametophyte with antheridia = small round blue/green ball like strucutres each anteridia contains many sperms
  10. What are the four phyla making up gymnosperms?
    1. Cycadophyta Ex. CycadImage UploadImage Upload

    • 2. Ginkgophyta - Ginkgo seeds/ maidenhair tree
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    • 3. Gnetophya - jointfir
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    • d. Coniferophyta - pinetree
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