APUSH Midterm

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  1. Why did the puritans come to america
    to gain freedom to practice puritan beleifs
  2. what caused most native american deaths upon contact with europeans
  3. Where did French colonization in the new world focas
  4. Why were there mor African Americans in the Southern colonies
    slave labor
  5. What was the economic basis of the Southern Colonies
    cash crops
  6. What was the economy of the New England colonies based on
    fishing ship building commerce
  7. Why was the VA House of Burgesses significant
    first elected assymbly in the new world
  8. Define indentured servant
    a laberor under contract for a set number of years to pay afor passage to the new world
  9. did the Puritans feel towards religious liberty
    they did not tolerate religious views that differed from their own
  10. What was the first permanent english settlement in the New World
  11. what helped the US win at Yorktown
    the French army and navy
  12. What was the stamp act seen as a form of
    taxation without representation
  13. What was the major result of the French and indian wat on the colonies
    Great Britian leived taxes on the coloniest
  14. Why did parliament repeal the Stamp Act
    boycott was hurting British Merchants
  15. What were the British attempting to do when the Battles of Lexington and Concord broke out
    seize colonial military supplies
  16. Describe the social contract theory
    the theory that people give power to a ruler in exchange for protection of their rights
  17. List britians advantages and disadvantages during the American Revolution
    • Advantages: money, Army, Established Navy
    • Disadvantages: Far from England, Distance, No support
  18. List America's advantages and disadvantages during the American Revolution
    • Advantages: willingness to fight, home field, George Washington
    • Disadvantages: No money, no army, no navy
  19. What was ackknowledged in the Treaty of Paris
    american independence
  20. Who were the loyalist
    colonists who opposed the war
  21. Describe the Proclamiation of 1763
    Colonists could not expand beyound the appalation mountains
  22. Breifly explain the ideas of John Locke
    Man has life, liberty, and property. And the purpose of government is to protect those rights
  23. What is contained in the Declaration of Independence
    Reasons for Independence
  24. What did Thomas Paine argue in Common Sense
    america should be independent of Great Britian
  25. Who was the primary author of the Declaration of Independence
    Thomas Jefferson
  26. How did Americans show thier distrust of a strong central government in the 1780s
    Articles of Confederation
  27. Describe the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation
    • could not tax
    • could not reinforce laws
    • could not commerse
  28. What commonality did the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution shar
    a congress and legistlative powers
  29. Describe the Navigation Acts
    Stated certain products could be only sold to britain
  30. Describe the Intolerable Acts
    measures that were passed as a result of the Bosten Tea Party
  31. Define salutary neglect
    a policy of non interference with the colonies
  32. What is quartering
    providing housing a food
  33. Define boycott
    a refusal to buy goods
  34. What was the purpose of the Philadelphia Convention
    to revise the articles of Confederation
  35. Define federalism
    a division of power between centural and state governments
  36. Why did the Anti-Fedralists criticize the Constitution
    It lacked a Bill of Rights to protect independent liberties
  37. Why does the Constitution contain a seperation of powers
    to prevent 1 person or group having too much power
  38. According to the Declaration of Independence, when do people have to right to alter or abolish a government
    when it violates their natural rights
  39. Describe the three-fifths compromise
    a compromise in which slaves would count as 3/5 of a person in order to settle a dispute over representative in congress
  40. Describe the Great Compromise
    it settle the isssue of repusentatives in congress by giving each state 2 senators and a number of representatives based on population
  41. What is Congress's main responisibility
    make laws
  42. The Constitution gave voters the most direct participation in the selection of which area of the government
    House of representatives
  43. Define unicameral
    one house legislature
  44. Define bicameral
    two house legislature
  45. Define ratify
    to approve
  46. Describe both the New Jersey and Virginia Plans
    • VA Plan represenation by population
    • NJ Plan representation equal amoung states
  47. Articles of Constitution
    • Article 1: Legislative Branch
    • Article 2: Executive Branch
    • Article 3: Judicial Branch
    • Article 4: Relations with States
    • Article 5: Amendment process
  48. Amendments of the constitution
    • Amendment 1: Religious and political freedom
    • Amendment 2: Rights to bear arms
    • Amendment 4: Search and Seizer
    • Amendment 6: Right to a speedy and public trial
    • Amendment 8: Limits fines and punishments
  49. What did President Jackson do with money taken from the Bank of the US
    Put it in state banks
  50. Describe nullification
    states created the federal government and can over turn federal laws
  51. Describe treatment of Native Americans during the Age of Jackson
    forced removal
  52. Why did many Americans like Jackson
    Concidered the commans man president
  53. Discuss Jackson's relationship with his Vice president
    they dissagreed over tarriffs issues
  54. Define spoils system
    giving away government positions to those who helped them get elected
  55. What helped expand democracy prior to the civil war
    Expanded voter powers, spoils system encouraged people to participate
  56. Descrive sectionalism
    the spliting between the industrial north and agricultural south
  57. What region of the US was most supportive of protective tariffs
    the north east
  58. Descrive the Missouri Compromise
    Maine free, 36 30 line determines slavery in lousianna territory
  59. Describe the Kansas-Nebraska Act
    Repels the Missouri Compromise, allows popular soverneighty to determine slave or now
  60. Discuss the Dred Scott Case
    Slaves cannot be citizens therefore cannot sue in federal court, missouri compromise
  61. What is popular sovereignty
    the people rule
  62. What is manifest Destiny
    belief in a god given right to expan from sea to sea
  63. Define nationalism
    The feeling of loyalty and devotion to ones country
  64. Define pocket veto
    Indirect rejection of legislative bill by the President by retaining the bill untill congress adjurns
  65. What is a closed shop
    in order to hired you must be a union member
  66. Describe Lincoln's view of Reconstruction
    to reunit the nation the federal government should not punish the south
  67. Describe the state's rights position
    states had the right to seceed from the union in order to protect their own intrests
  68. What did lincoln view as the primary goal of the Civil War
    Perserve the union
  69. What did Republicans agree to do in exchange for support in the Electoral College in the election of 1876
    End the military occupation of the south
  70. What is in each of the following
    13th Amendment:
    14th Amendment:
    15th Amendment:
    • Abolished slavery
    • Granted citizenship to newly freed slave
    • Black men the right to vote
    • all considered civil war rights/ amendments
  71. Why did the Radical Republicans oppose Lincoln's Reconstruction plan?
    It offered amnesty to nearly all confederates who were allegence to the US
  72. Describe Jim Crow Laws
    laws that kept blacks in a seperate and inferior postition
  73. Describe what was contained in the Emancipation Proclamation
    Freed slaves in southern controlled areas allowed balcks to join the army
  74. Who received the South's surrender and Appomattox
  75. Define sharecropping
    farmers are given land to work but give a share of the crop as rent to the land owner
  76. Where did the first hostilities of the civil war take place
    fort sumpter
  77. What was the major turning point of the civil war
    battle of gettysberg
  78. What event caused the south to secede
    Lincolns election
  79. Why did slavery become a main issue in the civil war
    the north wanted to punish the south, slavery helped the southern war effort to keep britian nuetral
  80. What was the three-pronged Union stategy to win the Civil War
    blockage, split in two, capture richmond -Anaconda Plan
  81. WHere did the draft riot break out following the battle of Gettysburg
    new york
  82. What was the goal of the Radical Republicans' Reconstruction plan
    • helped fred slaves
    • punished the south
    • assure party supremacy
  83. How did southerners attempt to limit African American voting
    literacy tests, poll taxes, grandfather clauses
  84. Compare and constrasts the strength and weaknesses of the North and South during the Civil War
    • North:
    • larger population
    • more money
    • more industry
    • more weapons
    • more rail roads
    • South:
    • Better generals
    • home field
    • better calvery
  85. What was the Homestead Act
    • Gave public land for free to settle and live there
    • The occupant also had to be 21 or older, had to live on the land for five years and show evidence of having made improvements.
  86. Why were Native Americans relocated to reservations following the civil war
    because settlers and ranchers wanted their tribal lands
  87. What inventions helped open the West and make farming more prosperous
    • Merchanical reaper
    • steel plow
    • barbed wire
  88. During the period between 1871-1921, where did most immigrants come from
    eastern and southern Europe and asia
  89. What were some cultural differences between native born Americans and immigrants
    language, religion, race
  90. Why did most immigrants settle in cities
  91. What were some problems of the cities at the turn of the century
    • over crowding
    • sanitation
    • crime
  92. Describe the "melting pot" theory
    A unique American culture would emerge from immigration and cultural blending
  93. Describe the "mixed salad" theory
    immigrants should maintain their culture identity
  94. Immigration restrictions of the 1920s reduced the number of immirants from what areas
    Eastern and southern Europe, and Asia
  95. How did business leaders eliminate competition
    Forming monopolies and trusts
  96. What was the Bessemer process
    injection of air into a furness to convert iron ore into steel
  97. Descrive the laissez faire approach to business
    the governent keeps thier hands off
  98. What industy were each of these men associated with:
    John D. Rockefeller:
    J.P. Morgan:
    Andrew Carnegie:
    Cornelius Vanderbilt:
    • Oil
    • finance
    • steel
    • railroads
  99. What inventions had a large impact on women in the work place
    • Sewing machine
    • Type writer
    • telephone
  100. Who were the Progressives
    Saw social and economic ills pushed for a larger government
  101. What did the muckrakers attempt to do
    • Attempted to approve American society and cure it of its social and economic ills, investigated and published wrong doings
    • They were progressives
  102. What reforms did the Progressives achieve at the national leel
    • Direct election of senators
    • Primary elections
    • Secret Ballot
  103. Upton Sinclair's The Jungle led to reforms in what industry
    food and meat packing
  104. What did Theodore Roosevelt believe about trust (monopolies)
    Trusts that worked outside the law should be brought to justive
  105. Describe the Ballinger-Pinchot controversy and what it did for President Taft's reputation
    Pinchot was fired for challenging Ballinger who wanted to return peserved land to the public domain
  106. What did the federal reserve act have control over
    banking and the moneysupply
  107. What association is Eugene debs linked to
    the american railway union, american socialist party
  108. What was the purpose of both the INterstate Commerce COmmission and the Sherman ANtitrust Act
    Eliminate Unfair business practices
  109. Define arbitration
    a method for setting disputes by a mutually approved judge
  110. Define collective bargaining
    negotiations between labor and management wags, hours, and working conditions
  111. Define strike
    a work stoppage
  112. What did the Supreme court hold in Plessy v. Ferguson
    seperate but equals is constitutional, upholds Jim crow laws
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