The Eye

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  1. vitreous-
    liquid that fills the eye
  2. eye-
    the organ for sight
  3. cornea-
    the transparent surface of the eye
  4. eyelids-
    act like windshield wipers for the cornea
  5. iris-
    muscle that determines the size of the pupil (SEE CARD 6)
  6. pupil-
    hole that is covered by the cornea
  7. lens-
    located behind the pupil- it refracts light
  8. retina-
    layer of cells covered by rods and cones (see cards 9 and 10)
  9. rods-
    distinguish black and white
  10. cones-
    distinguish colors
  11. optic nerve-
    nerve that sends signals to the brain
  12. blind spot-
    start of optic nerve
  13. sclera-
    the white part of the eye
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