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  1. Beleaguer
    To hinder, to make something difficult; Antonym: assist
  2. Philistine
    uncultured; Antonym: sophisticated
  3. Fastidious
    Difficult to please; Antonym: reckless
  4. Queasy
    nauseated; Antonym: well
  5. Carte Blanche
    unconditional authority (total freedom); Antonym: servitude
  6. Malleable
    capable of being shaped or formed; Antonym: inflexible
  7. Opt
    to make a choice; Antonym: spurn (to reject)
  8. Imbue
    To fill with meaning; Antonym: elude (avoid)
  9. Inchoate
    Not yet developed; Antonym: developed
  10. Savoir-Faire
    Social tact; Antonyms: indiscretion, tactlessness
  11. Ambivalent
    w/ conflicting feelings; Antonym: decisive
  12. Abeyance
    temporarily inactive; Antonym: perpetuation
  13. Vagary
    expontaneous action; Synonym:whim/fancy
  14. Vacuous
    lack of intelligence; Synonym: empty
  15. Bilk
    swindle, bamboozle; Synonym:
  16. Augur
    prophet; Synonym: harbinger
  17. Execrable
    heinous; Synonym: encroach
  18. Utilitarian
    of practical use; Synonym: pragmatic (concerned w/ practical values and results)
  19. Debilitate
    To weaken
  20. Rapport
    familiar relationship; Synonym: affinity
  21. Pastiche
    work of art formed from disparate sources (remix); Synonym: burlesque, revue
  22. Narcissism
    to be focused on own beauty; Synonym: conceit
  23. Xenophobia
    hate of foreigners; Synonym: bias
  24. Niggardly
    cheap, stingy; Synonym: penurious
  25. Zany
    clownish, ludicrously comical; Synonym: kooky
  26. Apposite
    suitable, well-adapted, relevant; Synonym: pertinent
  27. Viable
    capable of living, practicable, workable; Synonym: feasible
  28. Precarious
    hazardous, shaky; Synonym: perilous
  29. Labyrinth
    maze, complexity, complicated network of passages; Synonym: morass
  30. Protocol
    a declaration less formal than a treaty
  31. Palliate
    to extenuate, relieve
  32. Attrition
    gradual reduction in membership through retirement, resignation, or death
  33. Volition
    exercise of will
  34. Imprecation
    act of calling down a curse
  35. Chronic
    of long duration
  36. Accolade
    expression of approval
  37. Vestige
    visable trace of something now lost
  38. Expound
    Elucidate, to elaborate
  39. Acerbity
    w/ astringency
  40. Ineluctable
    not to be escaped
  41. Immaculate
    without blemish
  42. Stigmatize
    brand as disgraceful
  43. Factionalism
    a group farming a cohesive, contentious minority
  44. Vainglory
    empty pride
  45. Chauvinist
    prejudiced belief in one�s own superiority
  46. Noisome
    loathsome, atrocious
  47. Raillery
    persiflage, banter
  48. Volatile
    mercurial (change)
  49. Resplendent
    very bright
  50. Sub rosa
  51. Morass
  52. Vignette
    adumbration, sketch
  53. Fait Accompli
  54. Bellwether
    beacon, shepherd
  55. Morass
  56. Caterwaul
    bicker; wail
  57. Ribald
    (Sexual, bulgar speech) salacious (wanton, sexually immoral)
  58. Hidebound
  59. Mirage
    phantasm, delusion
  60. Supine
    (flat on back) remiss, lethargic
  61. Adjunct
    (something attached to another in a dependant position) auxiliary
  62. Chimerical
    (created by or as if by a wildly, fanciful imagination) quixotic, fanciful
  63. Quasi-
    pseudo, semi
  64. Proselyte
    zealot, convert
  65. Poltroon
    craven; yellowbelly
  66. Effete
  67. Liturgy
    ritual; worship
  68. Oblivious
    Incognizant, unaware.
  69. Minuscule
    Tiny; ant. Massive
  70. Sanguine
    Hyper, bubbly; ant. Melancholy
  71. Lexicon
    Used in a dictionary; ant. Not a dictionary
  72. Bibulous
    Absorbent, alcoholic; ant. Watertight
  73. Verisimilitude
    Truthnfulness; ant. Falsehood.
  74. Paternalism
    Protective of someone; ant. Neglect
  75. Eleemosynary
    Benevolent, charitable; ant. Uncharitable
  76. Purview
    Range of view; ant. Blind spot
  77. Indigenous
    Of that country; ant. migrant
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