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  1. causes of WWI
    • -nationalism; strong alliegence to 1's country bc of desire to be free from foreign control
    • -imperialism; control
    • -militarism; building military is priority
    • -alliances; agreement btw 2 parties to aid 1 another
  2. central powers include these countries;
    • -germany
    • -austria hungary
    • -ottoman empire
    • -bulgaria
  3. allies counrties;
    • -france
    • -GB
    • -russia
    • -italy
  4. who was heir to austria, assassianated
    francis ferdinand
  5. francis was assassinated by
    serbian nationalist, gavilo princip
  6. francis was asssainated in
    sarajevo, bosnia
  7. gavilo princip was called
    the black hand
  8. who declares war on serbia
    austria hungary
  9. who supports austria hand n helps?
  10. who declares war to help serbia
  11. 2 countries that help allies
    GB and france
  12. germany schelieffen plan
    beat french, 1st attacking thru belgium then russia
  13. 1st battle of the marne -france
    push german lines back 40 miles; not easy war to win
  14. the trenches were called
    no man's land
  15. types of warfare;
    • -poison gas by germany
    • -british used tanks
    • -airplanes
  16. who was called red baron
    manfred von richthefen
  17. who invented flame throwers
  18. uboats were used by
  19. 1 of most effective war tactics
  20. 2 battles in france
    veroun and somme
  21. sinking of the british ship
  22. sinking of the french ship
  23. what happened to lusitania?
    sailing from NY to england, germans knew ship had amnos, ship was torpedoed w/ no warning
  24. what happened to sussex?
    americans on board, led to sussex pledge by germany that they wouldnt sink the boat but ended up did
  25. national defense act passed:
    increased the # of US soldiers
  26. the zimmerman note;
    coded message from arthur zimmerman to german ambassador in mexico
  27. what was the zimmerman note asking
    mexico to support germany
  28. who declares neutrality
    woodrow wilson
  29. in the russian revolution there are 2 phases;
    • -march 1917 democracy produced, us joins war
    • -nov same year - bolshevik seized power
  30. what treaty did russia pull out of war
    treaty of brest-litousk
  31. wilson says these 2 phases:
    • -world must be safe for democracy
    • -war to end all wars
  32. date that US goes to war in germany:
    april 6
  33. leader of the american expeditionary forces
    gen. john pershing
  34. selective service act:
    required all men to sign up for military service
  35. food administration was headed by
    herbert hoover
  36. creel committee was headed by
    george creel- muckraker
  37. the war industry board regulated
    supplies of raw materials and role of industry shifted from consumer to military
  38. trading with the enemy act:
    power to censor publications
  39. sedition act
    -prohibited speech against america
  40. espionage act -
    punished anyone helping the enemy
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