Hairspray A1S8

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  1. Beginning of scene 8:
    What is that supossed to be?
  2. Gym Teacher: Gather up students. Brace youselves for scatter dogde ball.
    Kathey Schmink told me she heard tracy was in the back seat of a car with two boys at once playing tonsil ..... the nude!!!
  3. Tammy: Is it true they put her in special ed?
    Yup Tracy Turnblah is a tramp and she's retarded. That's right shs's fast and slow, at the same time. Link Larkin, could you kis that bee hived buffalo right on the... air
  4. Penny: Not really probably just average.
    Well, well, well, tracy tugboat, finally found a title you could win: Miss special ed!
  5. Gym Teacher: Students .... commence!
    Hey thunder thighs dodge this!
  6. Link: Everbody take it easy this isn't world war three
    Says you eat dodge ball, trampy ton-o-lard!
  7. Gym Teacher: Class dismissed.
    Poor Tracy so tragic I forgot to cry. Are you comeing link?
  8. Link: Amber that wasn't nessary.
    I said: are you coming link?
  9. Link: In a minute.
    I'll be waiting under the bleachers.
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