335 4.2 Neuroanamtomy Part 4

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  1. 2 branches of motor pathways
    • Pyramidal Nerve Tracts aka corticospinal tracts
    • Pyramidal Nerve Tracts aka corticobulbar tracts
  2. corticospinal tracts
    these nerves originate from the neuron cell bodies in cerebral cortex (spinal nerves)
  3. tract of the corticospinal tracts
    • fibers come together in the medulla to form pyramids
    • 3/4 of these fibers 'decussate' or cross over in the medulla
    • then extend down the spinal cord into the lateral white column
    • 1/4 do not decussate but continue down the same side of spinal cord
    • then extend down the anterior tract
  4. Extrapyramidal tracts
    • much more complex
    • consist of all motor tracts from brain to spinal cord motor neurons except the pyramidal tracts
    • consist of numerous relays of motor neurons between motor areas of cortex, thalamus, cerebellum and brain stem
  5. CN I
    • Olfactory
    • smell
  6. CN II
    • Optic
    • vision
  7. CN III
    • Oculomotor
    • movements of the eye
  8. CN IV
  9. CN V
    • Trigeminal
    • 3 branches
  10. CN VI
  11. CN VII
  12. CN VIII
    Vestibulocochlear nerve
  13. CN IX
    • Glossopharyngeal
    • tongue/throat
  14. CN X
  15. CN XI
  16. CN XII
  17. which cranial nerves do not reach the brainstem?
    • Olfactory CN I
    • Optic CN II
  18. Which CN arise from the midbrain (do not exit out the brainstem)?
    • Oculomotor CN III
    • Trochlear CN IV
  19. which CN arise from the pons?
    • Trigeminal CN V
    • Abducens CN VI
    • Facial CN VII
    • Vestibulocochlear CN VIII
  20. which CN arise from the medulla oblongata?
    • Glossopharyngeal CN IX
    • Vagus CN X
    • Accessory CN XI
    • Hypoglossal CN XII
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