Chapter 12 (6)

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  1. What are the two types of reflex developments?
    • Innate reflexes
    • Acquired reflexes
  2. What are the two types of reflexes based on their nature of response?
    • Somatic reflexes
    • Visceral reflexes
  3. What are the two types of reflexes based on the complexity of their circuits?
    • Polysynaptic reflexes
    • Monosynaptic reflexes
  4. What are the two types of reflexes based on their processing sites?
    • Spinal reflexs
    • Cranial reflexes
  5. Describe innate reflexes.
    Connections formed between neurons genetically or developmentally programmed.
  6. Describe acquired reflexes.
    • Learned rather than preestablished.
    • Enhanced by repetition.
  7. Describe Somatic reflexes.
    • Involuntary control of skeletal muscles
    • Example: withdrawal reflex
    • Rapid response that can later be supplemented voluntarily
  8. Describe viceral reflexes.
    Control or adjust activities of smooth & cardiac muscle, glands, and adipose tissues.
  9. Describe polysynaptic reflexes.
    • Involve at least one interneuron, one sensory neuron, and one motor neuron
    • Longer delay between stimulus and response due to increased number of synapses
    • Produce more complex reflexes
  10. Describe monosynaptic reflexes.
    • Simplest reflex arc involving one sensory and one motor neuron
    • Faster response time due to only one synapse
  11. Describe Spinal reflexes.
    • Occur in nuclei of spinal cord
    • Two types: Single segmental (within one spinal segment) , Intersegmental (multiple segments)
  12. Describe cranial nerves.
    Occur in nuclei of brain.
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