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  1. Bonus Army
    • Bunch of army veterans that marched up to the white house to demand their pension early
    • Pension- money you get after u retire from the army
  2. Hoovervilles
    Shacks that were made of cardboard where poor people live in
  3. Reconstruction Finance Corporation (RFC)
    Issued government loans to banks, railroads, and other big businesses
  4. New Deal
    Relief for people in need
  5. First Hundred Days
    • first 100 days of the presidancy
    • judges what presidents do in their first 100 days
  6. soup kitchen
    place where people get soup
  7. breadline
    A line of people waiting to receive food given by a charitable organization or public agency.
  8. blackblizzard
    name for a dust bowl
  9. Dust Bowl
    ginormous dust storm
  10. The Grapes of Wrath
    a book
  11. Okies
    a type of car
  12. Great Flood of 1936
    flood on the connecticut river. more than 430000 people died 500 milion dollars of damage
  13. National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA)
    designed to increase production while boosting wages and prices
  14. Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA)
    paid farmers to not farm
  15. Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
    gave young adults jobs like moving trees and environmental stuff
  16. Works Progress Administration (WPA)
    a work-relief organization, put more than 3 million americans to work in its first year. they built hundreds of thousands of bridges, public buildings, and parks
  17. Wagner Act
    gave labor unions government support
  18. Social Security Act
    created to give aid to the elderly or the poor
  19. Congress of Industrial Organization (CIO)
    organized even more workers onto labor unions
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