Spanish Vocabulary

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  1. abotonarse
    to button
  2. abrocharse
    to buckle/fasten
  3. acostarse o-ue
    to lay down
  4. afeitarse
    to shave
  5. animarse
    to be animated (feel good)
  6. apoyarse
    to get support
  7. arreglarse
    to get ready
  8. ayudarse
    to help
  9. banarse/ducharse
    to bathe/shower
  10. cepillarse los dientes
    to brush your teeth
  11. conocerse (bien)
    to know
  12. contarse (chismes/secretos)
    to tell jokes/secrets
  13. cortarse el pelo
    to cut your hair
  14. dedicarse
    to be dedicated
  15. desabrocharse/desabotonarse
  16. desanimarse
  17. desayunarse
  18. despertarse e-ie
    to wake up
  19. dormirse
    to sleep
  20. entusiasmarse
    to get excited with enthhusiam
  21. esconderse
    to hide
  22. lavarse la cara
    wash your face
  23. lavarse las manos
    wash your hand
  24. levantarse
    to get up
  25. llevarse bien (mal)
    to get along well (poorly)
  26. maquillarse/ponerse maquillaje
    to put on makeup
  27. mirarse (en el espejo)
    to look
  28. odiarse
    to hate
  29. oponerse
    to oppose
  30. peinarse
    to comb
  31. pelearse
    to fight
  32. personarse
    to forgive
  33. pintarse (maquillaje)
    to paint
  34. ponerse
    to put on
  35. ponerse nervioso
    to get nervous
  36. quejarse
    to complain
  37. quitarse
    to take off
  38. saludarse
    to greet
  39. sentarse e-ie
    to sit
  40. sentirse frustrado
    to feel frustrated
  41. telefonearse
    to telephone
  42. textearse
    to text
  43. vestirse e-ie
    to get dressed
  44. arreglar
    to repair
  45. barrer
    to sweep
  46. cambiar
    to change
  47. caminar al perro
    to walk the dog
  48. conectar
    to connect
  49. cortar el cesped
    to cut the lawn
  50. cuidar
    to take off
  51. dar de comer
    to feed
  52. desconectar
  53. desenchufar
    to turn off/unplug
  54. desyerbar
    to pull out weeds
  55. doblar la ropa
    to fold the clothes
  56. encender
    to turn on
  57. enchufar
    to plug in
  58. guardar
    to put away
  59. hacer las camas
    to make the bed
  60. lavar
    to wash
  61. limpiar
    to clean
  62. llevar
    to wear/carry/to take
  63. organizar
    to organize
  64. pasar la aspiradora
    to vaccum
  65. planchar
    to iron
  66. poner
    to put
  67. poner la mesa
    to set the table
  68. quitar el polvo
    to dust
  69. recoger
    to pick up
  70. regar e-ie
    to water
  71. reparar
    to repair/fix
  72. sacar
    to dry
  73. trapear
    to mop
  74. vaciar
    to empty
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