Study Guide Ch. 17

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  1. We can't feel the Earth's movement because......
    Earth moves steady, smoothly.
  2. What is the spinning of Earth around its axis called?
  3. On Earth, we can see that days turn into nights because.....
    The Earth rotates from West to East.
  4. What keeps the Earth revolving around the Sun?
  5. What causes the seasons to change?
    The Tilt
  6. As the Moon orbits around Earth, what side of the Moon faces the Earth?
    The same side.
  7. What is a clue that tells us that the Earth is moving?
    The seasons changing during the year.
  8. What causes an eclipse?
    When the Sun, Moon, and Earth are in the same position.
  9. What is the best way to describe the Sun?
    It is a medium size star near to Earth.
  10. What is a constellation?
    A pattern of stars.
  11. What occurs in a lunar eclipse?
    It when the Moon passes through the Earth's shadow.
  12. What are the Phases of the Moon?
    Crescent - Image Upload 1

    Half - Image Upload 2

    Corner - Image Upload 3

    Full - Image Upload 4
  13. How Earth's rotation causes shadows to change?
    - As Earth rotates, sunlight shines on an object from different angles.

    - Therefore, the length and position of the objects shadow change.

    - That is why shadows are longer in the morning
  14. What causes the moon to change phases in a pattern approximately every 29 days?
    The difference phases of the Moon can be seen because as the Moon revolves around the Earth, differen parts of the Moon are struck by sunlight, which then reflects off of the Moon's surface.
  15. What is the weather like in the Northern Hemisphere when the Northern Hemisphere tilts towards the Sun?
    - This is the time when the Northern Hemisphere receives more direct sunlight than in any other time of the year.

    - Consequently, daylight last longer which causes temperatures to be higher, which indicates that it is summertime.
  16. What is the weather like in the Southern Hemisphere at the same time?
    - As the same time, the exact opposite happens in the Southern Hemisphere, because it tilts away from the Sun.

    - This tilt causes the wintertime, when daylight does not last as long and temperatures are lower.
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