EC chapter 4

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  1. what is the percent of the co-occurrence of speech/language impairments with learning disabilities?
  2. the professionals who help students maximize their communication skills?
    speech/language pathologists (SLPs)
  3. the sender produces speech that is not understandable because speech sounds are not produced correctly
    the root of a speech impairment
  4. the sender is unable to produce the intended message because of difficulties using language
    root of a language problem
  5. speech sounds, written words, or hand gestures
    communication symbols
  6. nonverbal expressions of a social formality or convention and usually announce some immediate event, person, action, or emotion
    coomunication signals
  7. the vocal production of language
  8. a rule-based method of communication involving the comprehension and use of the signs and symbols by which ideas are represented
  9. the process of exchanging knowledge, ideas, opinions, and feelings through the use of verbal or nonverbal language
  10. all disabilities that result in difficulties with speech, language, and hearing
    communication disorders
  11. what are the three major types of problems that are included with speech impairments?
    • difficulties with:
    • articulation
    • fluency
    • voice
  12. the process of producing speech sounds is flawed, and the resulting speech sounds are incorrect
    • articulation problems
    • baco bell instead of taco bell
  13. when the rate and flow pattern of a person's speech is of concern
    • fluency problem
    • stuttering
  14. one type of fluency problem where sounds or parts of words are repeated
  15. if a child's voice is unusual given the age and sex of the individual
    voice problem
  16. What are the two important qualities of a voice?
    • pitch
    • loudness
  17. What are the aspects of language?
    • form
    • content
    • use
  18. the rule system used in all language?
    form (of language)
  19. What are the three components in the form of language?
    • phonology
    • morphology
    • syntax
  20. the sound system of language that includes rules that govern various sound combinations
  21. awareness of the relationship between sounds in words and sound symbol
    phonological awareness
  22. the rules that govern the parts of words that form the basic elements of their meanings and structures
  23. rules that govern word endings and the order of words in phrases and sentences
  24. the intent and meaning of spoken or written statements
  25. the system where the intent and meanings of words and sentences make up the content of the communication
  26. the application of language in various communications according to the social context of the situation
  27. the understanding of an object's purpose or function
  28. children who are indentified with language impairments during the preschool years are very likely to be identified as having what different disability in 3rd or 4th grade?
    learning disabilities
  29. What are some different causes for speech impairments?
    • brain damage
    • malfunction of the respiratory or speech mechanism
    • malformation of teh articulators
  30. an opening exists in the roof of the mouth
    cleft palate
  31. the upper lip isn't connected resulting in an inability to form some speech sounds
    cleft lip
  32. What are some major causes of language impairments?
    • brain injury
    • genetics
    • the environment
    • otitis media
  33. middle ear infection
    otitis media
  34. What is something a mother can do to reduce the chance of their child getting a cleft palate?
    folic acid
  35. assessment process used by SLPs to determine the potential effectiveness of different language interventions
    dynamic assessment
  36. help students structure their learning, visualize the way information is presented in lectures and organized in texts, map out stories to improve comprehension, and see the relationships among vocabulary and concepts
    graphic organizers
  37. provide defferent means for individuals with speech or language impairments to intract and communicate with others
    Augmentative and alternative communication devices
  38. produces speech through a computer or high-tech device
    speech synthesizer
  39. placemats where pictures and words are available for individuals who cannot speack or cannot speak clearly
    communication boards
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