Chapter 7 Test

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  1. Marcia spends $38 on some shirts. Each shirt costs the same whole-dollar amount. If each shirt costs at least $12, what is the greatest number of shirts that she could have brought?
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  2. Estephan works at the recycling center every 4 days in May. Dan works at the same center every 6 days. If they both work on May 1, what are the next two days that the boys will work on the same day?
    May 13 and May 25
  3. Seven of 28 students in Alexander's class have green jackets. In simplest form, what fraction of the students have green jackets?
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  4. John served 8 3/4 liters of fruit punch at his birthday party. About how many liters of fruit punch did he serve?
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  5. On Saturday, Claude went to the museum. He spent 1/2 hour reading about dinosaurs, 2/3 hour watching a film about flight, 2/5 hour observing the sharks, and 1/10 hour drawing a cartoon. He ordered the list from the greatest to least time spent. Which shows Claude's light.
    - Watching a film

    - Reading about dinosaurs

    - Observing sharks

    - Drawing a cartoon
  6. Peter ran 4 1/3 miles along a marathon route. What fraction is equal to 4 1/3?
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  7. Jesse skip-counted multiples of 4.

    8, 12, _____________, 20, 24, 28

    What number is missing from his list?
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  8. Erin peels apples for 1/3 hour and peels bananas for 3/5 hour. What number is a common denominator for 1/3 and 3/5?
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  9. DVDs Again will trade 1 DVD for every 3 DVDs that a customer turns in. How many DVDs will the store trade for 24 DVDs from a customer?
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  10. Jane bakes 6 dozen cupcakes. Of the 72 cupckaes, 9 crumble. Which fraction below represents the fraction, lowest terms, of crumbled cupcakes?
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  11. Maria made a list of the factors of 12 and 48 so she could find what factors the numbers have in common. Which list shows the common factors of 12 and 48?
    1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12
  12. Harry's team has a track meet every third day in April, starting on April 3. How many days wil the team have a track meet in April? There are 30 days in April.
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  13. The Johnson Farm is divided into 15 equal sections. The house, barn, and fruit stand are in 3 of the sections. The remaining sections are orchards of fruit trees and vegetable gardens. What fraction is equal to the part of the farm thta is orchards of fruit trees and vegetable gardens?
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  14. Jamal has 24 model airplanes in his collection. Six of the models are jets. Which two equivalent fractions represent the jet models in Jamal's collection?
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  15. Jen walks 1 1/4 hours on Saturday and 1 2/3 hours on Sunday. What is a common denominator for 1 1/4 and 1 2/3?
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