Primary Skin Lesions 3

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  1. Cyst
    • Elevated, circumscribed, encapsulated lesion; in dermis or subcutaneous layer; filled with liquid or semisolid material.
    • (E.g. cystic acne)
  2. Telangiectasia
    Fine, irregular redlines produced by capillary dilation.
  3. Scale
    Heaped-up keratinized cells; flaky skin; irregular; thick or thin; dry or oily; variation in size (flaking skin)
  4. Lichenification
    • Rough, thickened epidermis secondary to persistent rubbing, itching, or skin irritation; often involves flexor surface extremity.
    • (E.g. chronic dermatitis)
  5. Keloid
    Irregularly shaped, elevated, progressively enlarged scar: grows beyond the boundaries of the wound; caused by excessive collagen formation during healing.
  6. Scar
    Thin to thick fibrous tissue that replaces normal skin after injury or laceration to the dermis.
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