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  1. abhor
    (v) to really hate
  2. abjure
    (v) to reject, renounce
  3. abrogate
    (v) to abolish, usually by authority
  4. acerbic
    (adj) biting, bitter in tone or taste
  5. acrimony
    (n) bitterness, discord
  6. acumen
    (n) keen insight
  7. adumbrate
    (v) to sketch out in a vague way
  8. alacrity
    (n) eagerness, speed
  9. amicable
    (adj) agreeable
  10. anathema
    (n) a cursed, detested person
  11. antipathy
    (n) a strong dislike, repugnance
  12. approbation
    (n) praise
  13. arrogate
    (v) to take without justification
  14. ascetic
    (adj) practicing restraint, self-discipline
  15. aspersion
    (n) a curse, expression of ill-will
  16. assiduous
    (adj) hard-working, diligent
  17. baneful
    (adj) seriously harmful
  18. beguile
    (v) to lead by deception
  19. bias
    (adj) prejudice
  20. bibliotheca
    (n) a collection of books
  21. blandish
    (v) to coax by using flattery; cajole
  22. boon
    (n) a gift or blessing
  23. botulism
    (n) disease, toxin in food
  24. brusque
    (adj) short, abrupt, dismissive
  25. buffet
    (v) to strike with
  26. bureaucracy
    (n) officialistic rule
  27. burnish
    (v) to polish, shine
  28. buttress
    (v) to support (n) a support
  29. cacophony
    (n) tremendous noise
  30. cajole
    (v) to urge, coax
  31. calumny
    (n) lies spoiling reputation
  32. camaraderie
    (n) togetherness
  33. capacious
    (adj) very large or spacious
  34. capricious
    (adj) subject to whim, fickle
  35. clemency
    (n) mercy
  36. cogent
    (adj) intellectually convincing
  37. concomitant
    (adj) accompanying subordinately
  38. condescending
    (adj) patronizing, arrogant
  39. conflagration
    (n) great fire
  40. contrite
    (adj) penitent, eager to be forgiven
  41. conundrum
    (n) puzzle, problem
  42. cosmopolitan
    (adj) worldly
  43. covetous
    (adj) rapacious
  44. credulity
    (n) readiness to believe
  45. cupidity
    (n) greed, strong desire
  46. cursory
    (adj) brief to the point of superficiality
  47. decry
    (v) to criticize openly
  48. defile
    (v) to make unclean, impure
  49. deleterious
    (adj) harmful
  50. demure
    (adj) quiet, modest, reserved
  51. deprecate
    (v) to belittle, depreciate
  52. deride
    (v) to laugh at mockingly, scorn
  53. derogatory
    (adj) pejorative
  54. desecrate
    (v) to violate sacredness
  55. desiccated
    (adj) dried up, dehydrated
  56. diaphanous
    (adj) light, airy, transparent
  57. diffident
    (adj) shy, quiet, modest
  58. discursive
    (adj) rambling, lacking order
  59. dissemble
    (v) to conceal, fake
  60. dither
    (v) to be indecisive
  61. ebullient
    (adj) extremely lively, enthusiastic
  62. effrontery
    (n) impudence, nerve, insolence
  63. effulgent
    (adj) radiant, splendorous
  64. egregious
    (adj) extremely bad
  65. enervate
    (v) to weaken, exhaust
  66. ephemeral
    (adj) short-lived, fleeting
  67. eschew
    (v) to shun, avoid
  68. evanescent
    (adj) fleeting, momentary
  69. evince
    (v) to show, reveal
  70. exculpate
    (v) to free from guilt or blame
  71. execrable
    (adj) loathsome, detestable
  72. exigent
    (adj) urgent, critical
  73. exonerate
    (v) to free from guilt or blame
  74. expiate
    (v) to make amends for, atone
  75. expunge
    (v) to obliterate, eradicate
  76. extant
    (adj) existing, not destroyed or lost
  77. extol
    (v) to praise, revere
  78. fallacious
    (adj) incorrect, misleading
  79. fastidious
    (adj) meticulous
  80. fatuous
    (adj) silly, foolish
  81. fecund
    (adj) fruitful, fertile
  82. feral
    (adj) wild, savage
  83. fetid
    (adj) having a foul odor
  84. florid
    (adj) flowery, ornate
  85. fractious
    (adj) troublesome or irritable
  86. fricassee
    (v) to cook a dish of cut-up foods
  87. fugue
    (n) interweaving repetitive elements
  88. garrulous
    (adj) talkative, wordy
  89. grandiloquence
    (n) lofty, pompous speech
  90. genealogy
    (n) study of family history
  91. glycemia
    (n) presence of glucose in blood
  92. gregarious
    (adj) sociable
  93. grotesque
    (adj) bizarre
  94. grueling
    (adj) trying to point of exhaustion
  95. hackneyed
    (adj) unoriginal, trite
  96. hapless
    (adj) unlucky
  97. harangue
    (n) ranting speech (v) to give such
  98. haughty
    (adj) blatantly proud
  99. hegemony
    (n) domination over others
  100. heinous
    (adj) shockingly evil
  101. hoodwink
    (v) to lead by deception
  102. iconoclast
    (n) one who attacks beliefs
  103. ignominious
    (adj) humiliating, disgracing
  104. impassive
    (adj) not susceptible to suffering
  105. imperious
    (adj) commanding, domineering
  106. impertinent
    (adj) rude, insolent
  107. impervious
    (adj) impenetrable, unaffected
  108. impetuous
    (adj) rash; hastily done
  109. impinge
    (v) to impact, affect, infringe
  110. implacable
    (adj) incapable of being appeased
  111. impudent
    (adj) casually rude, impertinent
  112. inchoate
    (adj) unformed or in beginning stage
  113. incontrovertible
    (adj) indisputable
  114. indefatigable
    (adj) incapable of defeat
  115. ineffable
    (adj) unspeakable
  116. inexorable
    (adj) incapable of being placated
  117. ingenuous
    (adj) not devious; innocent
  118. inimical
    (adj) hostile
  119. iniquity
    (n) wickedness or sin
  120. insidious
    (adj) harmfully seductive
  121. insolent
    (adj) impertinent
  122. intransigent
    (adj) refusing to compromise
  123. inure
    (v) to become accustomed to
  124. invective
    (n) an angry verbal attack
  125. inveterate
    (adj) stubbornly habitual
  126. jabiru
    (n) large tropical American stork
  127. jargon
    (n) unintelligible language
  128. jubilant
    (adj) extremely joyful, happy
  129. juxtaposition
    (n) side by side comparison
  130. kinetic
    (adj) dynamic, lively
  131. laconic
    (adj) terse in speech/writing
  132. languid
    (adj) sluggish from fatigue/weakness
  133. largess
    (n) the generous giving of lavish gifts
  134. latent
    (adj) hidden, but exposable
  135. lavation
    (n) act of washing
  136. legerdemain
    (n) deception, slight-of-hand
  137. licentious
    (adj) lack of moral/legal restraints
  138. limpid
    (adj) clear, transparent
  139. lobotomy
    (adj) severance of nerve fibers needed for brain functioning
  140. maelstrom
    (n) whirlpool that sucks in objects
  141. magnanimous
    (adj) noble, generous
  142. malediction
    (n) a curse
  143. malevolent
    (adj) wanting harm to befall others
  144. manifold
    (adj) diverse, varied
  145. maudlin
    (adj) weakly sentimental
  146. mawkish
    (adj) sick sentimentality
  147. mendacious
    (adj) having a false character
  148. mercurial
    (adj) characterized by rapid change
  149. modicum
    (n) a small amount of something
  150. morass
    (n) something that traps/confuses
  151. multifarious
    (adj) having great diversity
  152. munificence
    (n) generosity in giving
  153. myriad
    (adj) a very great number
  154. nadir
    (n) the lowest point of something
  155. nascent
    (adj) in the process of being born
  156. natation
    (n) action or art of swimming
  157. nefarious
    (adj) heinously villainous
  158. neophyte
    (n) young or inexperienced
  159. nimbus
    (n) an atmosphere about a person or thing; rain cloud
  160. nocuous
    (adj) harmful
  161. nonferrous
    (adj) without iron
  162. nostalgia
    (n) sentimental yearning
  163. numismatics
    (n) the study or collection of coins
  164. obdurate
    (adj) unyielding to persuasion
  165. obfuscate
    (v) to render incomprehensible
  166. oblique
    (adj) not straightforward
  167. obsequious
    (adj) excessively submissive
  168. obstreperous
    (adj) noisy, unruly
  169. obtrusive
    (adj) impertinent
  170. obtuse
    (adj) lacking sensibility or intellect
  171. odious
    (adj) instilling intense displeasure
  172. officious
    (adj) offering unwanted services
  173. opulent
    (adj) ostentatious abundance
  174. ostensible
    (adj) seeming to be
  175. palliate
    (v) to reduce the severity of
  176. pallid
    (adj) lacking color
  177. panacea
    (n) a remedy for all difficulties
  178. paragon
    (n) a model of excellence
  179. pariah
    (n) an outcast
  180. parsimony
    (n) frugality, stinginess
  181. pathos
    (n) an emotion of sympathy
  182. paucity
    (adj) small in quantity
  183. pejorative
    (adj) derogatory
  184. pellucid
    (adj) easily intelligible, clear
  185. penurious
    (adj) miserly, stingy
  186. perfidious
    (adj) disloyal, unfaithful
  187. perfunctory
    (adj) showing little enthusiasm
  188. pernicious
    (adj) extremely destructive
  189. perspicacity
    (adj) shrewdness
  190. pertinacious
    (adj) stubbornly persistent
  191. petulance
    (n) rudeness, irritability
  192. pithy
    (adj) concisely meaningful
  193. placate
    (v) soothe
  194. platitude
    (n) an uninspired remark, clich´┐Ż
  195. plethora
    (n) an abundance, excess
  196. polemic
    (n) aggressive argument against something
  197. portent
    (n) an omen
  198. precocious
    (adj) advanced development
  199. prescient
    (adj) having foreknowledge of ...
  200. primeval
    (adj) orginal, ancient
  201. probity
    (n) virtue, integrity
  202. proclivity
    (n) strong inclination toward ...
  203. promulgate
    (v) to proclaim, make known
  204. propensity
    (n) an inclination, preference
  205. propitious
    (adj) favorable
  206. prosaic
    (adj) plain, lacking liveliness
  207. proscribe
    (v) to condemn, outlaw
  208. protean
    (adj) displaying great variety
  209. psoriasis
    (n) skin disease
  210. puerile
    (adj) juvenile, immature
  211. pugnacious
    (adj) quarrelsome, combative
  212. pulchritude
    (n) physical beauty
  213. punctilious
    (adj) eager to follow rules
  214. pyrogenic
    (adj) produced by heat or fever
  215. quagmire
    (n) a difficult situation
  216. quasi
    (adj) having some resemblance
  217. quaver
    (v) tremble
  218. querulous
    (adj) whiny, complaining
  219. quintessence
    (n) the most typical example
  220. quixotic
    (adj) idealistic, impractical
  221. rancor
    (n) deep, bitter resentment
  222. rapacious
    (adj) excessively covetous
  223. rebuke
    (v) to scold, criticize
  224. recalcitrant
    (adj) defiant, unapologetic
  225. rectitude
    (n) uprightness, extreme morality
  226. recusant
    (n) one who refuses to obey authority
  227. replete
    (adj) full, abundant
  228. reprobate
    (adj) evil, unprincipled
  229. reprove
    (v) to scold, rebuke
  230. repudiate
    (v) to reject, refuse to accept
  231. rescind
    (v) to take back, repeal
  232. restive
    (adj) resistant, stubborn, impatient
  233. ribald
    (adj) coarsely, crudely humorous
  234. rife
    (adj) abundant
  235. ruse
    (n) a trick
  236. rutilant
    (adj) having a reddish glow
  237. sacrosanct
    (adj) holy, not to be criticized
  238. sagacity
    (n) shrewdness
  239. salient
    (adj) significant, conspicuous
  240. sanctimonious
    (adj) hypocritical piety
  241. sanguine
    (adj) optimistic, cheery
  242. scurrilous
    (adj) vulgar, coarse
  243. scyphozoan
    (n) jellyfishes lacking a true polyp
  244. serendipity
    (n) luck
  245. servile
    (adj) subservient
  246. sigma
    (n) 18th letter of the Greek alphabet; standard deviation
  247. solicitous
    (adj) concerned, attentive
  248. solipsistic
    (adj) believing only self exists or should exist
  249. somnolent
    (adj) sleepy, drowsy
  250. spurious
    (adj) falsely seeming plausible
  251. staid
    (adj) sedate, serous, self-restrained
  252. stoic
    (adj) not susceptible to suffering
  253. stolid
    (adj) little sensibility, unemotional
  254. stupefy
    (v) to astonish, make insensible
  255. surfeit
    (n) overabundant supply or indulgence
  256. surmise
    (v) to infer with little evidence
  257. surreptitious
    (adj) stealthy
  258. sycophant
    (n) one who flatters for self-gain
  259. tacit
    (adj) expressed without words
  260. taciturn
    (adj) not inclined to talk
  261. tantamount
    (adj) equivalent in significance
  262. temerity
    (n) audacity, recklessness
  263. tenuous
    (adj) having little substance/strength
  264. terse
    (adj) laconic, minimum words
  265. timorous
    (adj) timid, fearful
  266. torpid
    (adj) lethargic, dormant, lacking motion
  267. tractable
    (adj) easily controlled
  268. transient
    (adj) passing through briefly
  269. transmute
    (v) to change or alter in form
  270. trenchant
    (adj) effective, articulate, clear-cut
  271. truculent
    (adj) ready to fight, cruel
  272. turgid
    (adj) swollen, excessively embellished
  273. turpitude
    (n) depravity, moral corruption
  274. ubiquitous
    (adj) existing everywhere
  275. umbrage
    (n) resentment, offence
  276. undaunted
    (adj) not discouraged
  277. undulate
    (v) to move in waves
  278. upbraid
    (v) to criticize or scold severely
  279. usurp
    (v) to seize by force
  280. usury
    (n) lending of money at high interest
  281. vacillate
    (v) to fluctuate, hesitate
  282. vacuous
    (adj) lack of content or ideas, stupid
  283. vapid
    (adj) lacking liveliness, dull
  284. variegated
    (adj) diversified, distinctly marked
  285. venerate
    (v) to regard with respect
  286. veracity
    (n) truthfulness, accuracy
  287. verdant
    (adj) green in tint or color
  288. vex
    (v) to confuse or annoy
  289. vicarious
    (adj) experiencing through another
  290. vicissitude
    (n) event that occurs by chance
  291. vilify
    (v) to lower in importance, defame
  292. viscous
    (adj) not free flowing, syrupy
  293. vitriolic
    (adj) having a caustic quality
  294. vituperate
    (v) to berate
  295. wanton
    (adj) undisciplined, lewd, lustful
  296. winsome
    (adj) charming, pleasing
  297. wistful
    (adj) full of yearning; musingly sad
  298. wizened
    (adj) dry, shrunken, wrinkled
  299. zenith
    (n) the highest point, culminating point
  300. zephyr
    (n) a gentle breeze
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