Korean vocab 2

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  1. 경재권
    economic power, financial authority
  2. 과장
    exaggeration, overstatement
  3. 광고
    advertisement, ad
  4. 국산품
    domestic goods
  5. 도미노 현상
    domino effect
  6. 상표
    trademark, brand, label
  7. 상품
    merchandise, goods
  8. 선진국
    advanced nation
  9. 성품
    nature, disposition
  10. 속성
    attribute, characteristic
  11. 시각적
    vision, being visual
  12. 신분
    social position, identity
  13. 십중팔구
    eight or nine out of ten
  14. 아부
  15. 외래어
  16. 외제
    foreign goods
  17. 자본주의
  18. 자유경쟁
    free competition
  19. 자존심
    pride, self-respect
  20. 제품
    manufactured goods, product
  21. 질투심
    (feeling of) jealousy, envy
  22. 짜증
    fretting, irritation, annoyance
  23. 현대적
    (being) modern
  24. 희생하다
    to sacrifice
  25. 투자하다
    to invest
  26. 사로잡다
    to capture
  27. 반영하다
    to reflect
  28. 먹히다
    to become consumed
  29. 뒤떨어지다
    to be (fall, get) behind
  30. 끌어들이다
    to draw in, bring into
  31. 고백하다
    to confess
  32. 차지하다
    to occupy
  33. 쏟아지다
    to pour
  34. 밀리다
    to be pushed
  35. 동원하다
    to mobilize
  36. 고생하다
    to be needy, undergo hardships
  37. 그럴듯하다
    to be decent
  38. 유치하다
    to be childish
  39. 평범하다
    to be common, ordinary
  40. 동감이다
    to feel the same way (as), agree with
  41. 심하다
    to be severe, harsh
  42. 주관적이다
    to be subjective
  43. 호소력 있다
    to be appealing, convincing
  44. 홀딱
  45. 유심히
    carefully, cautiously
  46. 지나치게
    exceedingly, too much
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