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  1. What did Theodore Roosevelt do to earn the Nobel Peace Prize in 1906?
    successfully negotiated the Treaty of Portsmouth
  2. What was the name of the treaty that officially ended the war between the United States and Spain in 1898?
    Treaty of Paris
  3. sent artist Frederick Remington to Cuba with the instructions, "you furnish the pictures and i'll furnish the war"
  4. published the New York World, one of the nation's leading yellow journalism newspapers
    Joseph Pulitzer
  5. added to the Monroe Doctrine by President Theodore Roosevelt, giving the U.S. the power of an innternatinoal police officer in Latin America
    Roosevelt Corollary
  6. **yellow journalism: what role did it play in the U.S. decision to enter the Spanish-American War?
    • -style of writing that exaggerates the news to lure & enrage readers.
    • -It shaped the public opinion, turning readers against spaniards
  7. became a popular rallying cry for US intervention in Cuba in 1898
    "Remember the Maine"
  8. Panama was controlled by what nation?
  9. How much money did the US pay to Columbia to compensate it for its lost territory?
    25 million
  10. Who was the last monarch of an independent Hawaii?
    Queen Liliuokalani
  11. Where did the US attempted to protect its trading interests?

    Who was the Secretary of State who issued the Open Door Notes?
    China; John Hay
  12. Why did President Theodore Roosevelt feel the US needed a canal cutting across Central America?
    It would reduce travel time for commercial and military ships by providing a shortcut between Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
  13. 4 major goals of the Progressive Movement?
    • -protecting social welfare
    • -promoting moral improvement
    • -creating economic reform
    • -fostering efficiency
  14. What 1911 tragedy in NYC led to improved factory safety laws and fire codes?
    Triangle Shirtwaist Factory/Fire
  15. **Who were the muckrakers, and how did they contribute to the Progressive Movement?
    journalists who wrote about the corrupt side of business & public life
  16. The sickening conditions in the meatpacking industry were exposed in what famous book written by Upton Sinclair? &

    & What law did it inspire?
    The Jungle; Meat Inspection Act
  17. Who described John D. Rockefeller's cutthroat methods of eliminating the competition in her book History of the Standard Oil Company?
    Ida M. Tarbell
  18. Lincoln Steffens exposed business and government corruption in books such as The Struggle for Self Government and _____.
    The Shame of the Cities
  19. Which of the 4 candidates in the 1912 election was NOT considered a reform candidate?
    Taft- conservative- not a lot of progressive change
  20. What 3 approaches did women use to achieve their objective of gaining voting rights?
    • -convinced state legislatures
    • -challenged 14th amendment
    • - pushed for constitutional ammendment
  21. Alice Paul helped form the National Women's Party, which pressured the US government to do what?
    pass a suffrage amendment (19th amendment)
  22. Although he was known as a trustbutter, Teddy Roosevelt didn't believe all trusts were hamful. What trusts did he want to curb the actions of?
    those that hurt the public interest
  23. What was the purpose of the Chinese Exclusion Act?
    banned entry to all Chinese except (students,teachers,merchants,tourists, & gov. officials)
  24. A bill that's originated by the people rather than lawmakers is known as an: A vote on this is:
    initiative; referendum
  25. What enables voters to remove public officials from office?
  26. What did Woodrow Wilson's New Freedom reform program do?
    It included stronger anti-trust laws & reduced tariffs and banking reform
  27. President Taft angered Progressives by...
    signing the Payne-Aldrich Tariff
  28. What did the Pure Food & Drug Act do?
    halted the sale of contaminated foods and medicines and called for truth in labeling.
  29. What was the main US immigration station on the East Coast?
    Ellis Island, NY
  30. Where was Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated, triggering the start of WW1?
  31. What were the 3 "isms" that are considered backround causes of WW1?
    nationalism, imperialism, & militarism
  32. devotion to the interests and culture of one's nation?
  33. extending a nation's authority over other countires by economic, political, or military means
  34. the development of the armed forces, their use as a tool of diplomacy
  35. Why did some US Senators oppose US membership in the League of Nations?
    some believed it was too harsh, sell out of imperialism, eco. consequences will pull down Europe & injure US
  36. The advantage of Germany's Schlieffen Plan
    it would allow germany to drive quickly toward Paris by taking a shortcut through Belgium
  37. ** What events led to the US decision of entering WW1?
    • -germany breaking sussex pledge
    • -zimmerman note
    • -sinking of 4 unarmed american merchant ships
  38. What side did the US join when entering WW1?
  39. Why did Russia drop out of the war?
    result of Communist revolution
  40. Espionage & Sedition Acts
    silenced any ideas that challenged gov. authority and threated freedom of speech
  41. how did the US use propaganda to popularize WW1?
    set up the nation's first propoganda agency, the Committee on Public Info
  42. The Treaty of Versailles did not attempt to treat all nations justly. explain.
    humiliated germany=blamed for ww1
  43. What position did US have in the 1st 3 years of WW1?
  44. Selective Service Act
    requred american men to register with the government in order to be randomly selected for military service
  45. What were some of the new mechanized weapons used in WW1?
    tank & airplane
  46. Great Migration
    population shift of african americans from the south to cities in the north during WW1.
  47. Big Four
    WW1 leaders-wilson,george,orlando,& clemenceau- came together to negotiate treaty that ended the war
  48. 14 Points
    president wilson's plan for peace
  49. zimmerman ntote
    an alliance between mexico and germany, promised that if war with the US broke out, Germany would support mexico in recovering "lost territory"
  50. What scandal of the 20's centered on leasing oil-rick public land to private oil companies?
    teapot dome scandal
  51. Warren G. Harding
    scandals tainted his presidency
  52. Charles Lindbergh
    1st nonstop solo transatlantic flight
  53. speakeasies
    hidden saloons and nightclubs of the prohibition era
  54. 18th amendment
    prohibition era launched by it
  55. bootleggers
    americans legally purchased liquor from them
  56. fundamentalism
    literal interpretation of the bible
  57. John T. Scopes
    struggle between science and religion, trial for teaching darwin's thory of evolution
  58. Harlem Renaissance
    literary and artistic movement celebrating african-american culture
  59. what were some of the primary causes of the Great depression?
    • -tariffs and war debt policies
    • -farm crisis
    • -availability of easy credit
    • -unequal distribution of wealth
  60. **What factors led to the Stock Market Crash of '29?
    • -stock prices peaked & fell
    • -confidence fell
    • -investors sold stocks
    • -market took plunge
  61. buying on margin
    paying a small % of a stock's price as a down payment and borrowing the rest
  62. Black Tuesday
    the bottom fell out of the market and the nation's confidence
  63. President Hoover rejected the Idea of...
    direct relief
  64. Okies
    derogatory nickname for migrant workers who went to CA to find work as farmhands after being victimized by the dust bowl
  65. AAA-agricultural adjustment act
    raised crop prices by lowering production, gov. payed farmers to leave some acres unseeded
  66. Who encouraged FDR to provide relief to americans by reminding him about the suffering of the nation's people?
    eleanor roosevelt
  67. What author described the hardshps that Oklahomans who left the dust bowl experienced in CA in his classic novel The Grapes of Wrath?
    John Steinbeck
  68. What was FDRs first major step as president?
    to carry out reforms in banking and finance
  69. CCC- civilian conservation corps
    provided jobs for single males on conservation projects
  70. WPA- works progress administration
    quickly created as many jobs as possible
  71. FDIC
    protected bank depostis up to 5,000
  72. fireside chats
    FDR communicated with the American people through radio talks
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