chemistry exam

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  1. what is a metal?
    solid at room temperature, except mercury= liguid silver gray except copper= redish shiny, malluable good conductors of heat and elecricity, heat and electricity travel through metals.
  2. what is a puresubstance?
    has one type of matter and constant properties
  3. what is electrolosis of water?
    • chemical change
    • electrical energy used to break water molecules apart
    • to make hydrogen and oxygen
    • elecrolysis happens when and electrical current flows through water
  4. what are 5 clues a chemical change has taken place.
    • 1) bubbles of a new gas are formed
    • 2) heat or light is given off
    • 3) new color appears
    • 4) a solid material forms into a liquid
    • 5) the change can not be reversed
  5. what is a neutron?
    no charge
  6. what is an electron?
    negative charge
  7. what is a proton?
    postive charge
  8. what are halogens?
    non-metallic metals
  9. what are nobel gases
    non-reactive metals
  10. what are alkaline earth metals?
    very high reactive metals
  11. what is a chemical change
    • a new substance isformed by a chemical reaction
    • atoms dont changes- changes the way atoms are linked up
  12. what is a phisical change?
    • change of state ( icecube-water-gas)
    • change of shape (paper tear into small peices)
    • doesn't change the way atoms are linked up
  13. how to test for hydrogen
    insert a glowing splint into a test tube of gasif it will make a pop sound then it is hydrogen
  14. how to test for carbon dioxide
    • mix the gas with clear colourless limewater
    • if the water will turn cloudy
    • then it is carbon dioxide
  15. how to test for oxygen
    • insert a glowing splint in a test tube of gas
    • if it burst into flames then is is oxygen
  16. what is a mechanical mixture
    • type of mixture
    • hetrogeneous
    • 2 parts are visible
    • exampl... water nd oil
  17. what is solution?
    • type of mixture
    • homogenous
    • some parts that make this are invisible
    • only see on part
    • example...koolaid
  18. what is a mixture?
    • contains 2 types of matter
    • keep of there own properties
    • examples...sand and salt
  19. what is a compound?
    • type of pure substance
    • made up of 2 or more diffrent atoms
    • can be broken down to form new substances
  20. what is an element?
    • type of puresubstance
    • one kind of atom
    • cant be broken down
    • examples... gold,oxygen
  21. what are alkali metals?
    high reactive metals
  22. what is a non-metal?
    doesnt have the properties of metals.
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