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  1. This secret treaty transferred the Louisiana colony from France to Spain.
  2. Why was this treaty kept secret from the British?
    So the British would not try to acquire Louisiana in the peace settlement.
  3. These people were French exiles from British Nova Scotia.
    Acadians (Cajuns)
  4. Why did the British distrust these French Exiles - the Acadians (Cajuns)
    They would not pledge their allegiance to the British Protestant Kind.
  5. What was another name for the French & Indian War?
    7 year war
  6. Who won the French & Indian War?
  7. On this date, Louisiana was officially transferred from France to Spain?
    September 30, 1764
  8. The First Spanish governor in Louisiana was who?
  9. Give three reasons why the French colonist disliked this First Spanish governor.
    He did not make clear that he was claiming the colony for Spain, he tried to enfoce Spanish trade laws, he did not invite them to his wedding, and he stopped having the parties the people were accustomed to having.
  10. Rebellious colonist tried to explain their actions in a letter to the French king. What was the name of the letter ???
    The Memorial of the Planters and Merchants of Louisiana
  11. Who was the Spanish King during the early years of the Spanish Louisiana?
    Carlos III
  12. This man was selected by the Spanish king to restore order to the rebellious colony.
    Alejandro O'Reilly
  13. How did O'Reilly respond to the rebels who came to explain their actions?
    He listened to them politely.
  14. What did O'Reilly do to the ringleaders of the rebellion?
    Some were executed and some were put in prison.
  15. How many troops and how many ships did O'Reilly have?
    3000 troops and 24 ships
  16. What are the two primary Christian groups?
    Catholics & Protestants
  17. O'Reilly's nickname was what?
    Bloody O'Reilly
  18. O'Reilly replaced the French Superior Council with the Spanish _____________?
  19. Name three changes O'Reilly made in Louisiana.
    He stopped British smugglers because it was against Spanish colonial law, he selected members of the Spanish Cabildo, he set up trade with the Spanish colony of Cuba, he ordered a census to provide the detailed information required by Spain, he had an official survey completed that measured and marked off boundary lines to establish land ownership.
  20. This man became Louisiana's governor after O'Reilly returned to Spain.
  21. Name three reasons why the colonist liked Unzaga better than Ulloa or O'Reilly.
    he allowed British merchants to set up showp in New Orleans, he appointed many French people to government positions, he married a French merchant's daughter, he strengthened Louisiana forts by repairing them and by bringing in more soldiers.
  22. Where did the Islenos come from?
    Canary Islands
  23. Why did King Carlos III bring the Islenos to Louisiana?
    He wanted more loyal Spanish subjects in Louisiana.
  24. On April 19, 1775, 'the shot heard round the world was fired in what city?
    Lexington, Massachusettes
  25. Who was the King of Great Britain during the American Revolution?
    King George III
  26. This country secretly supported and helped the Americans with supplies from New Orleans during the American Revolution?
  27. This strong military leader was governor of Louisiana during the American Revolution.
    Bernardo de Galvez
  28. The American agent directed secret Spanish assistance to the Continental Congress of the United States.
    Oliver Pollock
  29. Name three British forts captured by Galvez.
    Fort Bute at Manchac, New Richmond (today Baton Rouge, Fort Panmure at Natchez and Fort George at Pensacola.
  30. This man was governor during the New Orleans fire of 1788.
    Esteban Rodriguez Miro
  31. The highly energetic leader allowed free trade with the United States
  32. This was the anthem of the French Revolution
    La Marseillaise
  33. Name three contributions made by governor Carondelet.
    He allowed free trade with the United States, he permitted foreign trade ships to enter the port of New Orleans and listed them as Spanish ships on the records, he established a police force, he added street lights to the streets of New Orleans, and he established the first newspaper in Louisiana.
  34. During the French revolution, those loyal to the king were beheaded in a time known as _____?
    the Reign of Terror
  35. Explain the 'Right of Deposit'
    According to the terms of Pinkney's Treaty, the American gained free navigation of the Mississippi river. Once they reached New Orleans, they couldl 'deposit' or store their goods in warehouses before loading them onto ships.
  36. What was the name of the first newspaper in Louisiana.
    Le Moniteur de la Louisiane
  37. The First mayor of New Orleans was?
    Etienne de Bore
  38. Skilled black sugar cane workers came from where?
    Saint-Domingue (Haiti)
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