Fitness - Unit 1

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  1. What type of funding does an enhanced sports program receive to offset cost?
    Funds generated by fund raisers
  2. What is the minimum amount of hours per week an AF fitness facility will be openfor business at reserve bases?
  3. What are 3 elements managers must consider when determining operational hours for the fitness center?
    Any 3 of the following: mission, personnel, funding, programs, and patrons
  4. Who has the discretion to alter the operational hours of the fitness center?
    Installation commander
  5. What should the fitness center hours be predicated on?
    Customer needs and demands
  6. Why are customer age limits established for fitness centers?
    To ensure a safe environment for all FC customers
  7. Who may authorize additional categories of participants?
    Installation commander
  8. Who can suspend or terminate Services facility use privileges of eligible personnel?
    Installation commander
  9. What type of priority does a sponsored guest have in a Services facility?
    Same priority as sponsor
  10. What are fitness centers required to do regarding documenting and cleaning?
    Document cleaning and adhere to daily cleaning procedures
  11. Which areas demand constant monitoring to maintain the highest degree of health and sanitation standards?
    Latrines, showers, and locker rooms
  12. How can you prevent illness associated with whirlpools?
    Drain the water and disinfect weekly
  13. What is the proper temperature for the sauna?
  14. What is probably the fitness center's most overlooked sanitation problem?
    Perpiration residue
  15. What is the greatest danger to wood floors?
    Standing water
  16. How often should you change the mop water when mopping gym floors?
    After completing 500 square feet or half a gym floor
  17. What must be done to maintain a wood floor in top condition?
    Consider refinishing every 2 years and resurfacing every 6 years based on wear and tear
  18. How do you keep synthetic floors in top condition?
    Follow the manufacturer's directions and use only recommended cleaning products and equipment
  19. What must be done daily in a laundry room?
    • 1) sweep or vacuum floors
    • 2) clean lint traps (washer and dryer)
    • 3) wipe machines with disinfecting solution and clean cloth
    • 4) inspect visible electrical wiring, and promptly request maintenance if found defective
    • 5) check to make sure all vents and ducts are clean
    • 6) clean sinks and tables
  20. Who is responsible for developing a written annual grounds maintenance plan for the upkeep and maintenance of all outdoor facilities?
    The FCD
  21. Who should permanently locate and mark the corner points and mid-point of the goal are on soccer fields?
    The base civil engineers
  22. What does the FCD do in regards to safety hazards?
    The FCD consults with the ground safety office and civil engineers to report and correct. The FCD will respond to customer comments within 48 hours, document the outcome, and maintain a record for one year. The FCD will provide updated operational information to Headquarters Air Force Services Agency (HQ AFSVA) on a quarterly basis no later than 15 days after the end of each FY quarter.
  23. Who performs pre-season and post-season inspections of outdoor facilities (fields), and why are the inspections important?
    Wing Safety, BCE and Public Health. Inspections ensure proper maintenance of the softball, soccer, and flag-football fields, and enhance playability and safety.
  24. Who should you involve in the daily general inspection of each piece of fitness equipment?
    FCS and equipment users
  25. What does daily sanitation of weight room equipment consist of?
    cleaning seats, pads and benches and frames of machines with a disinfecting solution to remove perspiration and body oils left by customers.
  26. How can the FCS decrease the chance of fitness equipment failure?
    Using commercial grade equipment from companies with solid warranties and maintenance assistance.
  27. What is the fitness 5-star program?
    An annual recognition of superior achievement for fitness centers
  28. What designated areas of the fitness center are recognized by the 5-star program?
    Operations, programs, training, facilities, and customer service
  29. What is the 5-star program used for?
    A tool used as an incentive to exceed standards and reach excellence
  30. What is the total point value of each category a fitness center must achieve in order to obtain the 5-star Fitness Center recognition?
    90 percent of the total point value for each category.
  31. What is the purpose of the Golden Eagle Standards?
    Make sure a uniform level of service is provided to customers and establish mandatory technical material and operational specifications for all Services programs and activities.
  32. Within how many days of being assigned to the fitness center must members be certified on CPR or BLS?
    Within 30 days
  33. Once assigned to the fitness center, when must staff members complete the AETC Fitness Fundamental course?
    Within 180 days
  34. Which on-base agency can provide supplemental training for staff members working in fitness centers?
    Health and Wellness Center
  35. What must be conducted to reinforce course principles and provide current fitness information and sports programming?
    Supplemental training
  36. What minimum component of the fitness center staff must complete an advance training course?
    The FCD and 2 FCD members (one must be military for those bases with assigned military)
  37. How can a good emergency plan save money?
    By avoiding losses and reducing downtime
  38. What should managers do to make sure trainees know and will be able to execute procedures in the event of an emergency?
    Document training quarterly and as new members are assigned
  39. Name the different types of sports tournaments
    Single and double round-robin and single and double elimination.
  40. Who must be notified if there are any unforeseen requirements or expenses?
  41. What things must you consider before the beginning of each session?
    Creating schedules, approving and publishing bylaws, and providing information to the fitness and sports advisory council
  42. Who schedules officials including the scorers or timers when personal service contract officials are used?
    The staff
  43. Why are bylaws important?
    Bylaws are important because they specifically deal with concerns not necessarily addressed in the playing rules
  44. When should extramural programs be conducted?
    When a demand exists
  45. What does the varsity program provide to skilled athletes?
    Opportunities to compete at a level higher than intramurals
  46. What are the responsibilities of the chairperson?
    Appointing a vice-chair, selecting council members to serve as chairpersons of various subcommittees, requesting approval from the Services commander/director to take action on the advisory committee minutes.
  47. What authority does the subcommittee chairpersons have?
    Select members for their committees from the fitness and sports activity council and the base at large.
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