Consumer Behavior - Ch 1

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  1. Anticonsumption
    Type of destructive consumer behaviour; whereby products and services are deliberately defaced or mutilated.
  2. B2C Commerce
    Business Selling to Customers
  3. C2C
    Consumer to consumer activity
  4. U-commerce
    Is the use of ubiquitous networks that will slowly but surely become a part of us.
  5. RFID Tag
    Plastic computer chip that communicates with a network.
  6. Consumption Community
    Community where members share views and products recommendations
  7. Exchange
    Two or more organizations or people give and receive something of value
  8. Demographics
    Statistics that measure observable aspects of a population such as birth rate, age distribution, income, etc.
  9. Market Segmentation
    Process that indentifies groups of consumers who are similar to one another in one or more ways and then devises maketing strategies that appeal to one or more groups.
  10. Relationship Marketing
    Making an effort to interact with customers on a regular basis , giving them reasons to maintain a bond with the company overtime
  11. Database Marketing
    It envolves trackling consumers' buying habits very closely and crafting products and messages tailored precisely to ppl's wants and needs based on this information.
  12. Popular culture
    Consists of music, movies, sports, books, celebrities, and other forms or entrateinments consumed by the mass market.
  13. Consumer Generated content
    it's where everyday ppl voice their opinios about products, brands, and companies on blogs, podcasts and social networking.
  14. Role Theory
    Sociological perspective that takes the view that much of consumer behaviour resembles actions in a play.
  15. Business Ethics
    Rules of conducts that guide actions in the marketplace.
  16. Culture Jamming
    Strategy that aims to disrupt efforts by the corporate world to dominate our cultural landscape
  17. Green Marketing
    Practice that choose to protect or enhance the natural environment as they go about their business activities.
  18. Social Marketing
    Refers to using marketing techniques normally employed to sell beer or detergent to encourage positive behaviour
  19. Consumer Addiction
    Physiological or psychological dependency on products or services
  20. Compulsive Consumption
    Refers to repetitive shopping, often excessive, done as an antidope to tension, anxiety, depression or boredom
  21. Shrinkage
    Industry term for inventory and cash losses from shoplifting and employee theft.
  22. Paradigm
    (set of beliefs) One general way to classify consumer research in terms of the fundamental assumptions the researchers make about what they are studying and how they study it.
  23. Positivism
    This perspective has significantly influenced Western art and science since the late sixteenth century. Emphasizes that human reason is supreme and that there is a single, objective truth that can be discovered by science. It encourages us to stress functions of objective, to celebrate technology, and to regard the world as rational - ordered place with a clearly defined past, present and future.
  24. Interpretivism
    Proponents of this perspective argue that there is too much emphasis on science and technology in our society that this ordered, rational viewof consumers denies the complex social and cultural world in which we live.
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