Community Health #1

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  1. Levels of prevention pyramid
    • Primary (bottom): Health Promotion/Education, Health Protection
    • Secondary: Early Diagnosis; Prompt Treatment
    • Tertiary Prevention (top): Rehabilitation, Primary Prevention
  2. Primary Prevention
    • Includes measures to keep illness or injuries from occurring.
    • Applied to generally healthy population and PRECEDES disease or dysfunction.

    • Encouraging safety (devices in the home)
    • Teaching healthy lifestyle behaviors
    • Immunization programs
    • Anticipatory Planning
  3. Secondary Planning
    • Efforts to detect and treat existing health problems at earliest stages
    • HTN / cholesteron screening programs
    • Encouraging breast/testicular self-exams
    • Skin testing (TB) (other screening)
  4. Tertiary prevention
    Attempts to reduce the severity of a health problem, to minimize disability and restore or preserve function.

    • Tx/rehab after stroke
    • Early tx and mgt of diabetes to reduce probs or slow progress
  5. Elements of community health nursing
    • Priority of preventive, protective, and health-promoting strategies over curative strategies
    • Means for measurement/analysis of CH probls, incl epidemiologic concepts and biostatistics
    • Influence of envir. factors on aggregate health
    • Principles of underlying mgt and organization for CH (because the goal of pub health is accomplished through organized community efforts
    • Public policy analysis & dev
    • Health advocacy
    • Understanding the political process
  6. Field of nursing that combines nursing science with public health science to formulate a community-based and population-focussed practice.
    Community Health Nursing
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