MCAT Inorganic

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  1. Mass Number vs Atomic Number
    • MN = number of protons and Neutrons
    • AN = Number of protons
  2. Atomic Weight/Molar Mass is given in _____ units and is equal to _____.
    • Atomic Mass units/AMU
    • C12
  3. A mole is _____ number and is equal to _____ in mass.
    • avagadros number 6.022e23
    • 1 g
  4. Characteristics of metals include:
    • Ductility
    • Maliable
    • Conduct heat + electricity
    • Lose electrons to form + ions
    • Electrons exist in sea of electrons
  5. Characteristics of nonmetals include:
    • lower MP than metals
    • form covalent bonds with eachother
    • form (-) ions
  6. What group are alkali metals, alkali earth metals, halogens, and Noble gases in?
    • Alkali metals = 1A
    • Alkaline Earth Metals = 2A
    • Halogens = 7A
    • Noble Gases = 8A
  7. What type of ions do metals, nonmetals, and transition metals form?
    • Metals -> Cations
    • NM -> Anions
    • Transition metlas -> ions but lose from S orbital then d (looking to even out d)
  8. Anion vs Cation vs Nuetral atom atomic radius
    • Anion = Much bigger (especially if added shell)
    • Cation = Much smaller (lose shell)
    • When compared to neutral atom
  9. Define Shielding
    Shielding: electrons between nuclease and electron in question "block" some of nucleuses attraction (Zeff)
  10. Define Effective Nuclear Charge
    • ENC (Zeff) = amount of charge felt by electron in question after sheilding
    • Zeff = nuclear charge minus avg number of electrons between nucleus and electron in question
  11. Def ionization energy + 1st IE vs 2nd IE etc.
    • Ionization energy: amount of energy required to detach an electron from a nuetral atom
    • 2nd IE: amount of energy to detach second electron (requires much more energy)
  12. what are the 5 periodic trends and how are the trends oriented
    • increase left - right / bottom to top
    • energy of ionization
    • Electron affinity
    • Electronegativity
    • increase left - right / top to bottom
    • Atomic Radius
    • Metallic character

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MCAT Inorganic
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