voc 1

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  1. two-way street
    sth. meeting mutual approval, expectations, etc
  2. take to

    make one’s voice, opinion, etc. heard/ seen/ noticed

    • (sich zu Wort melden)
    • develop a habit or steady practice: take to drink
  3. take to sb
    • become fond of/ attached to sb.
    • jmd. liebgewinnen, sympathisch finden;
  4. take to sth
    • sth. an activity, object, etc.,
    • an etw. Gefallen finden
  5. take up
    • (among other meanings) begin/ start getting involved in an activity, such as a hobby.
    • She took up fishing after the children had moved out.
  6. weigh in with
    • contribute (as in a discussion: one’s opinion, an argument, etc.), with some “weight”;
    • beitragen (usually sth. of at least some importance)
  7. cliché
    • trite or overused expression or idea;
    • a person/character whose behavior is predictable or superficial;
    • commonplace, platitude, bromide (ou/ ai); hackneyed phrase/expression/ idea (AE: hack-need/ BE: hack-nedd; overfamiliar through overuse; trite: banal, abgedroschen)
    • a hence note: not all that often taken for stereotype
  8. narrative
    • (here):
    • storyline: way the story goes/ direction it takes
    • Handlungsstrang/ Haupthandlung
  9. proposition
    claim, statement (Behauptung); also: proposal; plan to be considered; thesis; offer (of a private bargain, usually sexual; cf. solicit: usually “straight-up business”); intent(ion); subject for discussion or analysis; a matter to be dealt with/ task
  10. coin a term
    • devise a new word or term;
    • einen Begriff praegen
  11. threadbare
    worn/ worn thin/ out; shabby, tattered; flimsy; spurious, specious (fallacious, deceptive, misleading à

    • e.g. argument; excuse); obvious, banal, stale, corny, trite;
    • abgewetzt/ -nutzt; fadenscheinig
  12. ascendance
    • (also ascendence/ ascendancy) dominance, supremacy, prevalence, pre-eminence; rule,
    • control; condition of being dominant, esp. through

    • superior economic or political power; be in the ascendant: be dominant; gain ascendancy (over):
    • Vormachtstellung
  13. ascent
    act/process of rising/ going upward; social advancement/ upward social mobility;

    • upward slope/ incline:
    • Aufstieg; Steigung
  14. descendant
    • (also descendent/ also as adj.: primary spelling as adj.: descendent):
    • Nachfahre etc.; sb./ sth. derived from an earlier representative of same group
  15. descent
    act/instance of descending; downward slope/ incline; decline; lineage/ hereditary

    • derivation: be of x descent:
    • Abstammung; Abstieg; Gefaelle; Herkunft
  16. scant
    • barely sufficient; in short supply; short; inadequate; knapp (be scant of money) (cf. skint; broke); common combinations: be scantily clad; scant chance/ evidence/ vegetation;
    • (also as vb.: similar to curtail: beschneiden) (on the off chance [that y vb.; of x-ing]: fuer den/ in dem unwahrscheinlichen Fall, dass…/ remote/ slight chance/ with the hope)
  17. preliminary
    • introductory, prefatory, preparatory (im Vorfeld von:
    • in/ during the preliminary stages; in the run-up to; in advance of; prior to; ahead of; beforehand…)
  18. run-up
    • (trad. AE) – an increase, often of a sudden nature (run-up in gas prices, interest rates, gold value)
    • (cf. vb.: run up a bill/ debts: anhaeufen); (adopted from BE): preliminary period, period/ phase leading up to sth. (sort of the opposite of “aftermath”)
  19. hike
    • extended walk for pleasure or exercise:
    • Wanderung;
    • rise; increase/ raise in amount: price hike: Erhoehung;
  20. take a hike
    • leaving or telling so. to leave because their presence is not wanted/desirable
    • (abhauen; abziehen; sich trollen)
  21. spike
    sharp point; sharp, pointed projection: increase/ reach a high point:

    • e.g. unemployment (numbers) spiked… : probably refers to graphs here;
    • spike/ lace a drink (with alcohol; poison…); also: thorn, bristle, also: thwart/ spoil: plans, etc.: s.b.
  22. one-off
    • one-shot; sth. done/ happening only once, sth. not repeated or reproduced;
    • also as noun: a one-off: einmalige Angelegenheit/ Ereignis (one-off job);
    • (also used for Ausrutscher/ cock-up/ mishap; slip, error, gaffe, mistake…);
    • einmalig
  23. bespoke
    • custom-made/ made to customer’s specifications; (besprochen und) bestelltes x; Mass-;
    • bespeak/ bespoke/bespoken: besprochen; be/ give a sign of/ indicate/ betoken/ suggest/portend/ augur/ foreshadow: hinweisen auf/ andeuten/ bedeuten/ ankuendigen/ ahnen lassen… (his smile bespeaks kindness; the empty streets bespeak the calamity)
  24. chat up
    • engage in light, casual talk; talk in an easy, familiar way (plaudern);
    • also: verbally establishing contact with so. with the objective of future “romantic/ sexual” exploits (“anbaggern”)
  25. DIY
    • Do-It-Yourself x; a DIY enthusiast: tinkerer, home improvement
    • enthusiast/ activities/…
  26. early days
    at an early stage, early in the game, etc. (It’s still early days.); a lot can still happen
  27. fishmonger
    so. who sells fish/ retailer of fish
  28. gobsmacked
    • flabbergasted, amazed, astounded, astonished; stupefied, dumbfounded;
    • es bleibt einem die Spucke weg
  29. in future (BE)
    in the future (AE) (cf. at university: at the university; in hospital: in the hospital)
  30. deadline
    • a time limit, as for completion of an assignment, payment of a loan, etc.;
    • Abgabe-/ Fertigstellungstermin, , Faelligkeitstermin, Frist
  31. kerfuffle
    • commotion, disorder, agitation, disruption, disturbance, hoo-ha(h), turmoil;
    • Laerm, Gedoens, Balgerei, Theater
  32. posh
    smart, fashionable, upper-class, genteel; highfalutin/ hifalutin/ highfaluting: pompous, pretentious
  33. presenter
    announcer, host, anchor(man/ -woman); newscaster, newsreader
  34. shortlist/ short-list
    list of preferable items or candidates that have been selected for final consideration, as in making an award or filling a position; engere Auswahlliste
  35. sort out
    straighten out; try find a solution, make tidy; separate; beat, punish; set straight
  36. straight away
    right away
  37. top up
    (sugar in a bowl), ergaenzen, nachfuellen, nachschenken; top off, fill up, refill
  38. twee
    overly precious, nice, sweet, pretty, sentimental
  39. make the case (for)
    prove the point; provide the evidence
  40. spin
    • twist; particular take on sth.; the way sth. is presented, often
    • implying manipulation of the object/ matter at hand;

    cf. spin doctor – so. who publicizes favorable interpretations of the words and actions of a public figure, esp. a politican; PR officer, press agent; (Meinungsmache, Verdrehung der Tatsachen)
  41. boorish
    churlish, crude
  42. toss
  43. chattering classes
    • the educated sections of society, considered as
    • enjoying discussion of political, social, and cultural issues

    (nattering nabobs – )
  44. vernacular
    language; dialect; slang/ jargon; sociolect…
  45. journo (BE)
  46. pervasive
    • ubiquitous/ omnipresent; dominant; widespread, prevalent; inescapable;
    • beherrschend; durchgaengig, weit verbreitet
  47. onslaught
    • Ansturm,
    • assault massive in scale, number, etc
  48. pretentious
    ostentatious, conceited, puffed-up, pompous
  49. uninflected
    unmarked, regular, common
  50. vogue
    • prevailing fashion, style, practice; popularity;
    • The vogue for baggy pants is far from over. Smart phones
    • have been in vogue for several years now.
  51. catchphrase
    • slogan,motto, popular phrase, saying;
    • (Schlagwort; Slogan; Redensart)
  52. cut both ways
    • have both favorable and unfavorable results or implications
    • (ein zweischneidiges Schwert sein)
  53. cut corners
    • do sth. the easiest and/ or cheapest way (which is often not necessarily the best); (take a short-cut).
    • The accident was bound to happen, what with management cutting corners in even basic equipment, let alone safety precautions.
  54. cut no ice with (so.)
    • have no effect, make no impression.
    • His argument cut no ice with the boss.
  55. take a turn for the worse
    • deteriorate;
    • sich verschlechtern
  56. be prone to
    • be given/ inclined/ likely to, tend to;
    • neigen/ tendieren zu, anfaellig sein fuer.
    • He’s prone to migraines. These
    • pencils are prone to breaking off at the tip.
  57. take a hint
    • understand sth. that is communicated indirectly;
    • einen Wink verstehen;
    • [cf.: drop a hint]. Larry just won’t take a hint; you have to come straight out and be rude to let him know he’s not welcome around here.
  58. take (one’s) leave (of sb.)
    • [elaborate style] – say goodbye and leave;
    • sich (von jmd.) verabschieden;
    • cf. take one’s leave: leave; take leave: take time off from work (e.g. take [vacation] leave; take sick leave]); cf.
  59. take a hike/ walk
    • go on a hike, go hiking/ go for a walk; as command:
    • telling so. to beat it, get the heck out/ away
  60. take umbrage (at)
    • offense/offence (at);
    • Anstoss an etw. nehmen
  61. have a knack (for)
    • possess a special skill, aptitude, talent for sth.;
    • ein Haendchen fuer etw. haben
  62. get/ (have) the hang of
    • understand, figure out, grasp (sth. or the technique of doing sth.); learn/ master/ acquire the skill(s) necessary to do sth.;
    • den Dreh ‘rauskriegen/ ‘raushaben
  63. give so. the eye (also: give so. the glad eye)
    • look at so. in a flirtatious, sexually/ “romantically” inviting or provocative manner; make eyes at;
    • jmd. schoene Augen machen
  64. have an eye for sth.
    • be good at noticing a particular thing/ quality, etc.; have a special inclination for sth.;
    • ein Auge fuer etw. haben
  65. clap eyes on
    • lay/(set) eyes on: see
    • I wish I had never clapped/ laid eyes on him.
  66. cut one’s eyes at
    (dialect) glance at; (“rueberspickeln”)
  67. have a roving eye
    • be flirtatious, be open to flirts, flings, relationships in that one keeps one’s eyes “peeled” for potential “love interests”;
    • (einen offenen Blick fuer potentielle Liebschaften haben/ die Augen offen halten/ das Auge wandern lassen)
  68. ballot
  69. ballot/ poll
    election, referendum, vote
  70. poll
    survey, tally, sample, canvass
  71. over the counter
    • nonprescription available without doctor’s presciption;
    • rezeptfrei
  72. prescription (adj.)
    • available without a doctor’s prescription;
    • verschreibungs-/ rezeptpflichtig
  73. over the top
  74. exacerbate
    • increase the severity of sth. (bad), worsen;
    • verschaerfen, verschlimmern
  75. fashionable/ in/ en vogue
    in fashion, trendy, smart, chic, stylish, swank, sharp, popular, hip, in…
  76. come across as
    • appear to be;
    • (auf eine gewisse Art) ‘rueberkommen, wirken
    • She came across as pretty standoffish because she hardly ever smiled, much less laughed.
  77. strike people as
    • make an impression as (being);
    • auf andere wirken (wie/ als ob)
    • She struck people as a pretty standoffish person because she was always serious.
  78. come off as
    • appear to be, make an impression as (being);
    • (auf eine gewisse Art) ‘rueberkommen, wirken
  79. cutting edge
    vanguard, forefront: in a/ having a/ the leading position
  80. state of the art
    usually with technology) up to date, cutting edge

    Thanks to their cutting edge products, they have been the market leader in household appliances for years.
  81. ripple effect
    • repercussions of an event, etc.; an effect or influence that gradually spreads;
    • sich allmaehlich fortsetzende Auswirkung(en)
    • [as in the effect that a stone thrown into water has]
  82. scoop (v./ n.)
    • v.: take up/ dip into as with a scoop (schoepfen, ausschoepfen);
    • hollow out by digging (ausgraben);
    • grab, lift, pick up, sweep up (often: scoop up) (holen; sich greifen);
    • win (prize/ jackpot/ award);
    • top or outmaneuver (a competitor)
    • in acquiring and publishing an important news story (zuvorkommen); (scoop out: excavate)

    • n.: ladle/ spoon/ dipper (Schoepfloeffel, Kelle; Schaufel);
    • spoonful, ball (Kugel);
    • Fang; exclusive newspaper story (Exklusivmeldung/ Knueller)
  83. coroner
  84. beat so. to (sth./ it)
    • come out better in a competition etc./
    • jmd. zuvorkommen; jmd. schlagen, ausstechen, etc.
  85. coverage
  86. broadcast
    • transmission on the radio or television;
    • Radio-/ Fernsehsendung/ -uebertragung
  87. newscast
    • news broadcast;
    • Nachrichtensendung
  88. telecast
    • TV broadcast;
    • Fernsehsendung
  89. post (n.)
    note, announcement, public note; notification, piece of info
  90. newscycle
    cycle between releases of news media, e.g. 24-hour period between publications of newspapers
  91. staffer
    • employee, member of a company’s/ organization’s staff;
    • Mitarbeiter
  92. gossip
    • personal rumor, trivial, chatty talk, tittle-tattle, chin-wagging;
    • Tratsch;

    (also used for the person engaged in gossiping: a gossip: eine Tratschtante, etc.)
  93. mug shot
    • (humorous for) photograph of a person’s face (often one taken by the police);
    • Kopfbild, Verbrecherfoto
  94. salacious
    • lascivious, lustful, bawdy, sexy, raunchy, lewd, obscene, indecent, erotic, steamy, ribald, smutty, ruttish,
    • schluepfrig, aufreizend, anzueglich
  95. grimy
    • dirty, greasy,
    • schmuddelig, schmierig
  96. traffic in
    deal with/ in, peddle, sell, be in the business of selling; “traffic in” is usually used for illicit business, e.g. drugs, arms
  97. put so. ahead of so.
    give so. an advantage over; lead to so.’s leading in a race, competition, etc.
  98. bruised
    • visibly injured (showing discoloration, scratches, etc.);
    • geprellt
  99. gritty
    • showing resolution and fortitude; plucky; hardy; coarse; tough, bold, feisty, unsentimental, realistic;
    • lebensnah; grobkoernig;
    • bold, tough, zaeh, draufgaengering
    • (grit one’s teeth: Zaehne zusammenbeissen; cf. gnash one’s teeth)
  100. real time
  101. crossover appeal
    • appeal across a broad spectrum of consumers, transcending
    • aspects like race, age, gender, etc.;
    • as of yet, most often used in the context of “minority” vs. “majority” groups
  102. box office
    • the booth where tickets to the movies are sold;
    • Theaterkasse
  103. box office hit
    a financially successful movie (is not always the same as a critically acclaimed movie)
  104. channel surfing
    switching channels quickly and repeatedly, often in search of a suitable broadcast
  105. gross (v.)
  106. highest-grossing
    most lucrative
  107. tune in
    • to adjust radio or TV set in order to receive a given broadcast;
    • zu-/ einschalten
  108. stay tuned
    continue listening to/ watching a particular program on the radio or TV
  109. onlooker
    • bystander, spectator, so. who watches, e.g. at the
    • scene of an accident; rubberneck(er), gawker, etc.
  110. viewer
    person watching TV
  111. spectator
    attending a theater or other live performance with stress on visuals; onlooker
  112. glued
    • (here) to one’s TV/ the screen:
    • gebannt an der Mattscheibe haengen
  113. see eye to eye
  114. be on the same wavelength
    • in complete accord, in harmony;
    • auf der gleichen Wellenlaenge sein
  115. bark up the wrong tree
    • be on the wrong course, ask the wrong person, make the wrong choice/ decision;
    • auf dem Holzweg/ falschen Dampfer/ an der falschen Adresse sein
  116. hack
    • a mediocre or less than mediocre writer, such as a journalist;
    • Schmierfink
  117. quack
    physician; charlatan; quacksalver = Quacksalber
  118. ham
    • (ham actor) an actor who exaggerates;
    • schlechter (uebertriebener) Schauspieler
  119. circulation
    • dissemination of printed matter; number of copies of an issue of such printed matter;
    • Verbreitung; Auflage
  120. sit pretty
    • in a very favorable position
    • (es gut haben; es sich wohl sein lassen…)
  121. (not) sit well with
    • (not) be agreeable to, please;
    • (nicht) gut ankommen bei jmd./ (gar nicht) gefallen
  122. (not) go down well with
    • be approved/ disapproved of;
    • etw. (nicht) gut finden
    • This won’t go down well with your dad.
  123. hoax
    trick, deception, practical joke, fraudulence, dupery;

    • Scherz, Schwindel, blinder Alarm;
    • in journalism: Zeitungsente/ Falschmeldung,
    • sometimes even forgery on the scale of the alleged Hitler diaries
  124. flop
    failure; something that proves unsuccessful (esp. in terms of general public acceptance/ popularity and hence of profit)
  125. boost
    • increase, raise, improve, encourage, promote, hype …; foerdern, erhoehen, ankurbeln, werben fuer, unterstuetzen, verstaerken, in die Hoehe treiben…
    • [VERY useful word; can be used in various contexts, e.g. with self-esteem, morale, sales, circulation, the economy…]
  126. yellow journalism
    • type of journalism that relies on sensationalism and
    • lurid exaggeration to attract readers; cf. sensationalism
  127. breaking news
    • (special report) – a news item considered of such urgency that scheduled programming is interrupted;
    • Sondermeldung/ Eilmeldung
  128. issue a statement
    • make a formal declaration;
    • eine Erklaerung abgeben, verlautbaren lassen
  129. be unable/ impossible to confirm
    • nicht bestaetigen koennen/ nicht bestaetigt werden koennen
    • Police said they were unable to confirm as of yet whether the unidentified body was indeed that of missing millionaire XY. The identity of the body could not be confirmed
  130. make waves
    • shock/ upset people; cause difficulty; cause a stir; often this is used in negative structures:
    • Theydecided to wait with their announcement, not wanting to make waves so close to the election. The expression is closer to rock the boat than to cause a stir, though make waves and cause a stir intersect where they refer to shocking or upsetting people;
    • Wellen schlagen
  131. cause a stir
    • cause trouble, shock, alarm; cause interest, excitement; cause a commotion;
    • Aufsehen erregen, Aufruhr verursachen, Unruhe bereiten
  132. newsagent (BE)/ newsstand (AE)
    • newspaper vendor;
    • Zeitungshaendler/ -kiosk
  133. footage
    • visuals (photographs, film, video) on a subject;
    • Filmmaterial (zu einem Thema)
  134. red-top
    • sensationalist tabloid, characterized by little text and plenty of (loud red) headlines;
    • Sensations-/ Revolverblatt
  135. tabloid
    • paper designed to appeal to a mass audience/ readership, often employing sensationalism;
    • Boulevardblatt, Klatschzeitung
  136. scandal sheet
    kind of sensationalist, scandal-mongering publication the gutter press publishes
  137. gutter press
    print media dealing in sensationalism, scandals, etc.
  138. broadsheet/ quality paper
    • originally a newspaper printed on large sheets; later acquiring meaning of quality paper, as opposed to tabloids;
    • serioese Zeitung
  139. rag
    colloquial for newspaper; tabloid
  140. daily
    newspaper that appears on a daily basis
  141. weekly
    ewspaper that appears on a weekly basis
  142. periodical
    • publication published at regular intervals, usually monthly or weekly;
    • Zeitschrift; Journal; Periodikum; often: Fachzeitschrift
  143. glossy (magazine)
    Hochglanzzeitschrift; Illustrierte
  144. mag/ illustrated magazine
  145. special edition/ (extra)
  146. the funnies
    cartoons in a newspaper; cartoons section in a newspaper
  147. obit/ obituary
  148. classifieds/ classified ads (also: wanted ads)
    • ads concerning jobs, cars, accommodation, etc.;
    • (Klein-)Anzeigen
  149. classified (AE)/ advertisement (BE) section
  150. journalist, correspondent, news(paper)man/ -woman, columnist, pressman/ -woman, editor, reporter, newshound:
    alles Journalisten…
  151. column
    • a feature article that appears regularly in a publication such as a newspaper;
    • Kolumne, regelmaessig erscheinende Artikel
  152. editor-at-large/ (editor at large)
    • foreign correspondent; journalist reporting from abroad;
    • Auslandskorrenspondent; Auslandsberichterstatter
  153. (critical) review
    • critical assessment of such works of art as paintings,
    • books, plays, concerts, movies, etc.
  154. critic
    the person who reviews such works of art
  155. thumbs-up/ thumbs-down review
    positive/ negative review
  156. sully
    • soil, besmirch, taint, defile;
    • beschmutzen, in den Schmutz ziehen, mit Schmutz bewerfen, entehren, besudeln.
    • Reputations are easily sullied.
  157. slander
    • defamation, false and malicious statement about so., false allegations injurious to the person thus accused;
    • Verleumdung;
    • (also as verb)
    • They’re suing the paper for slander.
  158. libel
    • false, defamatory publication injurious to a person’s reputation, often in printed form; smear, denigration, defamation, slander;
    • Verleumdung; (also as verb);
    • libel suit/ action – Verleumdungsklage/ -verfahren
    • They’re suing the paper for libel over the article.
  159. allegation
    charge, statement, claim; Behauptung, Anwurf (often against so.)
  160. lowbrow
    • uncultivated,vulgar;
    • niveaulos, unkultiviert, unbedarft
  161. highbrow
    • highly cultured, intellectual, highfalutin;
    • niveauvoll, anspruchsvoll, hochgestochen, hochintellektuell
  162. middlebrow
    • neither highbrow nor lowbrow; conventional;
    • zwischen niveaulos und anspruchsvoll
  163. bias
    • tendency, leaning, bent, proclivity, partiality, prejudice, bigotry, one-sidedness, unfairness;
    • Ausrichtung, Vorliebe, Voreingenommenheit, Vorurteil, Neigung
    • The paper was known for its left-wing bias.
  164. movie, film, flick, picture, moving picture, motion picture
  165. silver screen
    screen film/ movie; the movie industry; the screen onto which movies are projected
  166. big screen
    movie theater/ cinema; as opposed to:

    • small screen – television, TV, telly, (tv), the box, the tube; tv
    • set; idiot box, goggle box

    What’s on TV/ the box/ the tube?
  167. viewer
    TV viewer; couch potato; square eyes; vidiot
  168. moviegoer/ cinemagoer;
    movie-/film-going public; (movie) audience; cineaste/ (cineaste); movie buff
  169. studio audience
    audience present at a live TV broadcast
  170. spectator
    • observer, bystander, looker-on, onlooker, gawker,
    • looky-loo, rubberneck

    cf. crane one’s neck; crane (v.)
  171. broadcast, televise, telecast; (transmit); air
    send on TV; (broadcast, transmit, and air also on the radio)
  172. newsroom
    • editorial room (newspaper); studio (radio, TV);
    • Nachrichtenredaktion
  173. news desk
    • editorial desk; in TV also editorial room; term used in structures like “straight from our news desk”;
    • “live from our Ankara studio/ live from our studio/ news desk in Ankara”;

    • Nachrichtenredaktion
    • (“straight from our newsdesk”; “live from our Ankara studio/ live from our studio in Ankara”);
  174. newsreel
  175. newscast; news show

    news anchor, anchorman, anchorwoman; newscaster; news presenter;

    talking head
    TV studio/ film studio
  176. color TV/ black-and-white television (b/w; BW)

    show; program; broadcast; transmission;
    (telecast; webcast)
  177. show host/ hostess
    • (e.g., game show host; late night show host)
    • Moderator/in einer Show/ Sendung
  178. TV schedule/ listings
    • scheduled programming/ broadcasts;
    • Fernsehprogramm
  179. TV guide/ listings (BE)
    brochure/ newspaper insert featuring the TV schedule
  180. prime time
  181. pre-prime time
  182. sportscast
    • sports broadcast;
    • Sportübertragung, Sportsendung
  183. panel discussion
    • discussion of a popular subject by a group of people in front of an audience;
    • Podiumsdiskussion
  184. promo
    • promotional presentation, e.g. a TV or radio spot, video clip, personal appearance;
    • Werbespot, Werbevideo, Werbeauftritt, etc.
  185. preview
  186. spoof
    • a gently satirical parody of a given topic;
    • Parodie, Burleske
    • The movie was a spoof on the royal family.
  187. final cut
    • final version of a movie;
    • Endfassung
  188. shoot on location
    • shoot in the location the movie is set in, not in a studio;
    • vor Ort filmen
  189. starlet
    young, inexperienced actress who’s considered to have star potential
  190. deadpan
    • impassive, pokerfaced, expressionless;
    • ausdruckslos;
    • deadpan humor – trockener Humor; a deadpan delivery of a joke; deadpan expression
  191. box office success/ sensation
    • a movie that is a hit, highly successful; the fact of grossing a lot of money at the box office;
    • Kassenschlager
  192. box office failure/ bomb
    a movie that flops; the movie may also be said to bomb or tank
  193. box office poison
    usually used for actors who are highly unpopular, making box office success unlikely
  194. (film/ movie) set
    • enclosure in which a movie is filmed; sound stage;
    • Kulisse
  195. props
    • (Requisiten) (usu. theater: object that serves as a
    • means of support/ assistance)
  196. hype
    • (v.: hype a product; n.: the hype around …);
    • Wirbel, Rummel, Tamtam; Werbung; Hochloben
  197. bootleg
    • bootleg (v.; adj.) – produce, distribute, transport, sell illegally; illegal, illegally produced, distributed, transported, sold…;
    • Raub-
  198. political ad (campaign)
    an ad/ an ad campaign used/ run during an election campaign
  199. docudrama
    • dramatized presentation of actual events;
    • Doku-Drama
  200. infomercial
    • commercial presented in the form of a documentary;
    • Dauerwerbesendung
  201. sitcom
    situation comedy; auf Situtionskomik beruhende Komoedie; usually TV series
  202. ad/ advert (BE)/ advertisement
    • public promotion of a product via print notices, commercials, etc.;
    • Werbung, Anzeige, Inserat, Werbespot, etc.
  203. tearjerker/ weepy
    • sentimental movie;
    • Schmachtfetzen
  204. mystery/ crime/
    detective movie/ whodunit
  205. (TV) ratings
    • number of viewers;
    • Einschaltquote
  206. rating system/ ratings
    classification system used to determine the age-appropriateness of movies; movies may be rated PG (Parental Guidance advised; G-rated for general audiences, etc.)
  207. comic relief
    • a comical element, character, or scene used in non-comedy works (such as dramas) in order to relieve the dramatic tension or effect a heightened emotional impact by means of contrast; the effect of employing this method;
    • humorvolle Einlagen zur Auflockerung oder Spannungssteigerung; die durch diese Methode erzielte Auflockerung/ erhoehte Spannung
  208. flick
    colloquial term for movie/ motion picture/ film
  209. feature film
    • principal/ main/ full-length film;
    • Spielfilm
  210. blooper
    • blunder, bungle, flaw, goof, flub;
    • Ausrutscher, Patzer, Outtake
  211. outtake
    a scene that has been taken out of a movie/ series; in music, it may be an entire track that is omitted
  212. extra
  213. atmosphere people
  214. walk-on
    minor role, non-speaking role
  215. bit part
    small, insignificant role, usually involving a few spoken words or lines
  216. bit actor
    an actor/ actress playing bit parts
  217. martial arts film/ chopsocky
    action movie involving (East Asian) martial arts
  218. cliffhanger
    open-ended movie/ episode
  219. adapted for (television/ the screen)
    of a literary work made into a film
  220. sleeper
    • a movie enjoying unexpected success, often being advertised through word of mouth;
    • Geheimtipp
  221. western/ western movie/ oater/
    horse opera
  222. silent films/ silents
  223. cameo
    • a brief appearance of a well-known persona (often, but not necessarily, an actor/ actress; Hitchcock famously cameoed in many of his movies) in a scene;
    • Kurzauftritt
  224. slapstick
    relating to physical humor, practical jokes, horseplay; Laurel and Hardy
  225. spin-off
    • a show, movie, etc. derived from an earlier show, movie, etc.; e.g. the countless Law and Order spin-offs, Frazier as a spin-off from Cheers, etc.;
    • Ablegerserie
  226. sequel/ prequel
    • continuation of a previous movie/ a movie about the time preceding the one depicted in a successful movie;
    • Fortsetzung, Nachfolgefilm/ Vorlaeufer
  227. courtroom/ legal drama
    • movie/ series about crime and litigation;
    • Gerichtsdrama
  228. red herring
    misleading foreshadowing; false clue
  229. spoiler
    a giveaway/ clue or full disclosure of a movie’s/ episode’s/ book’s ending; therefore, critics often give
  230. spoiler alerts
    warning that a spoiler is ahead in the program/ review, etc.
  231. re-enactment
    • acting out a past event, situation, etc.;
    • Nachstellen;
    • often used in docudramas
  232. punchline
    • the funny culmination of a joke, sketch, episode, etc.;
    • Pointe

  233. tie-in
    commercial venture connected to a film, like a book, action figures, T-shirts, video games
  234. dubbing
    • adding translated dialogue to a film;
    • Synchronisation
  235. amount to
    • add up in import/ effect; be equivalent/ tantamount to;
    • hinauslaufen auf
  236. give so. pause
    make so. hesitate/ think/ doubtful
  237. “I just can’t seem to [verb]”
    • Ich kann einfach nicht [verben]”
    • (e.g. I just can’t seem to find my keys. Ich kann meine Schluessel einfach nicht finden.)
  238. civility
    • courteousness, courtesy, politeness, cordiality;
    • Hoeflichkeit, Verbindlichkeit, Zuvorkommenheit
  239. cast one’s vote
    • vote;
    • seine Stimme abgeben (Wahl)
  240. maverick
    • rebel, nonconformist, dissenter, iconoclast;
    • Eigenbroetler, Querdenker
  241. let the chips fall where they may
    • do sth./ let sth. happen regardless of the consequences;
    • etw. auf sich zukommen lassen, die Dinge einfach laufen lassen, ungeachtet der Konsequenzen handeln
  242. plummet
    • plunge; decline suddenly and steeply (often used with stocks, prices, approval ratings, etc.);
    • (ab)stuerzen, fallen
  243. off-color
    • in violation of good taste, often verging on the indecent; often in bawdy humor, ribald, indelicate;
    • also: not healthy;
    • verfaenglich, leicht unanstaendig; (sich) nicht ganz wohl/ auf dem Posten sein/ fuehlen
  244. portend
  245. betoken
    • indicate
    • andeuten
  246. all walks of life
    • all social, economic, and ethnic groups;
    • alle Gesellschaftsschichten und –gruppen;
    • typically with “from [all walks of life]”
  247. DUI/ DWI
    • Driving Under the Influence (driving drunk or under the influence of other drugs causing disorientation);
    • Driving While Intoxicated
  248. cue
    reminder, prompting, signal, (z.B. Stichwort); hint,

    suggestion; clue; line (Warteschlange); pigtail/ braid; billiard cue
  249. queue
    line; pigtail
  250. pigtail
    • braid;
    • Zopf
  251. file (here)
    • in single file: one after the other (im Gaensemarsch);
    • to file in/ out of a room (nacheinander einen Raum betreten/ verlassen), etc.
  252. train (here):
    • Gefolge/ Abfolge: procession of vehicles (à motorcade)/ people following so./ entourage;
    • train of thought (Gedankenfaden/ -strang/ -gang); Schleppe (wedding dress)
  253. sell short
    • belittle, disparage; underestimate the true value/ worth of so.(/ sth.); don’t sell yourself short:
    • stell dein Licht nicht untern Scheffel; keine falsche Bescheidenheit
  254. shortchange
    cheat, treat unfairly (usually in money matters); give so. less change than is due in the course of a transaction;
  255. blacklist
    • exclude, bar, ban, boycott so. after putting them on a blacklist: list of people, organizations, etc. considered
    • suspicious, disloyal, untrustworthy, etc., usually compiled and used by governments, companies, etc.
  256. flag so./ sth
    mark; with a red flag: warning signal;
  257. be belly up
    be bankrupt, dead; sloppy drunk
  258. go belly up
    to go bankrupt, go “bust,” (business); also: tank
  259. make a case (for sth.)
    explain/give good reasons/ argue in favor of why sth. should be done
  260. make the case (for/ that
    • prove the point, provide the evidence (refers to sth. specific that was mentioned before);
    • Argumente/ Gruende fuer etw. liefern, fuer etw. plaedieren
  261. take the cake
    • den Vogel abschiessen/ dem Fass den Boden ausschlagen:
    • take the biscuit: usu. w/ sth. bad
  262. toss-up
    • sth. whose outcome is unpredictable,
    • ungewisse/ offene Sache;
    • it’s a toss-up: es ist voellig offen, …; (from tossing up a coin to reach a decision)
  263. chat/ chitchat/ shoot the breeze/ chewing the
  264. run one’s mouth/ run off at the mouth
    • talk excessively and usually indiscreetly, often unkindly, denigratingly;
    • tratschen, schwaetzen, (in gewissen Kontexten: sich das Maul zerreissen)
  265. chatter
    talk rapidly, incessantly, about unimportant matters; jabber
  266. natter
    talk idly, chatter
  267. cut to the chase
    • get to the point, focus on/ talk about what’s important, get to the main point/
    • zur Sache kommen (à movie business: cut to the action scene)
  268. pundit
    learned person, expert, critic
  269. talking head
    (TV) newscaster/ presenter
  270. lingo
    unfamiliar, unknown language or jargon; jargon, specialized language of a particular field
  271. parlance
    • particular idiom or manner of speaking; (e.g.: in legal parlance – “auf Juristendeutsch”);
    • Ausdrucksweise
  272. take shortcuts – take a shortcut
    take a shorter route; cf. cut corners: (usually pl: take shortcuts) spend less money/ effort/ time/ etc. than necessary on sth.
  273. throw one’s weight around
    • bringing one’s power to bear, often without actually or officially being in a position to boss others around; act important:
    • den grossen Macker markieren, gross tun
  274. prone
    • also: face down, lying with [its] face/ front downward;
    • anfaellig, geneigt; baeuchlings;
    • cf. accident-prone
  275. pervasive
    • permeating, pervading, inescapable, omnipresent,
    • durchdringend, beherrschend
  276. persuasive
    • convincing, winning, compelling,
    • ueberzeugend
  277. ubiquitous
  278. evasive
    • deceptive, indirect, shifty; avoiding;
    • ausweichend
  279. mad dash (for)
    • run (for); onslaught; stampede;
    • Ansturm auf;
    • People made a mad dash for the door as soon as the store opened
  280. stampede
    • a sudden frenzied rush of animals or crowds of people, usually in a panic;
    • wilde/ panikartige Flucht; Massenansturm
  281. assault
    • violent physical or verbal attack; also for sexual attack and rape; an unlawful threat or attempt to injure sb.;
    • Angriff, Ueberfall, Koerperverletzung, Notzucht
  282. a roving eye
    show a widespread interest in potential objects of one’s amorous aspirations
  283. ogle
    • stare at; stare at so. flirtatiously, amorously, impertinently; look so. up and down; give the glad eye;
    • beaeugen, begaffen, anglotzen, schoene Augen machen
  284. make (here) (e.g.: the headlines/ the early bus/ it)
    • achieve a goal, be successful at achieving sth. (e.g. getting into the news; catching the early bus; having financial/ economic/ social success in life; etc.);
    • es/etw. schaffen
  285. muckraker
    can’t be used in factual article; polemic term for investigative journalist; cf.whistleblower: informant, source; squealer, snitch, rat (rat so. out/ rat on so.), canary, sneak, fink (also: hired strikebreaker); stool pigeon/ stoolie (also: police decoy: Lockvogel)
  286. press release
    issued by PR depts., not the press; official public announcement/ statement
  287. delinquent
    criminal/ also: overdue: a delinquent account (ueberfaellig); so. guilty of delinquency/ unlawful acts: often: juvenile delinquent
  288. (be) on target
    accurate, precise, valid; spot on
  289. left-wing/ right-wing;
    leftist; centrist; radical; extremist; conservative; liberal; moderate; the left/ the right; left-/ right-leaning; left-/right-of-center; right-/ left-wing extremist; a fringe conservative/ he conservative fringe…
  290. vow
    declare solemnly that one will follow a particular course of action; cf. promise to write soon; pledge to uphold the law; swear to get revenge; vow to fight to the finish; cf. threaten, warn
  291. aftermath
    consequence, esp. of a disaster, misfortune; period following a disastrous event; cf. in the wake of; upshot, outcome, result, ramifications, repercussions, after/effects
  292. leak
    cf. indiscretion; spill the beans/ blab/ let the cat out of the bag/ let slip; cf. betrayal, disclosure, revelation, exposure, divulgence, admission, unearthing, uncovering
  293. discreet
    marked by/ exercising/ showing prudence/ circumspection and wise self-restraint in speech and behavior; circumspect; modest, unpretentious: diskret, verschwiegen, dezent, umsichtig;(handle sth. with discretion)
  294. discrete
    • separate/ distinct in form or concept; individual; unconnected, standing on its own: eigenstaendig, separate,
    • einzeln
  295. discretion
    circumspection/ quality of being discreet; prudence; ability/ power to decide responsibly; freedom to act/ judge on one’s own; tact, consideration, judgment; choice, preference: Ermessen, Urteil, Besonnenheit…

    • He conducted the whole affair with the utmost discretion.
    • The money was left to them to spend at their own discretion.
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