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  1. TERM
  2. a-; an-
    without - negation prefixes
  3. ab-
    "away from (Constrasting is ""ad-"")"
  4. Abbreviation: AP
    Appendectomy or Appendix
  5. Abbreviation: CFS
    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  6. Abbreviation: DDx D/D DD Diaf. Diag
    Differential Diagnosis
  7. Abbreviation: Dx DX DG Dg Diag diag
  8. Abbreviation: He
  9. Abbreviation: IM
  10. Abbreviation: Inflam Inflamm
  11. Abbreviation: Path PA Pa
  12. Abbreviation: PN
  13. Abbreviation: Px Prx Prog Progn
  14. Abbreviation: NIH
    National Institutes of Health ( - for Medline Plus Medical Dictionary
  15. Abdominocentesis
    surgical puncture of the abdominal cavity to remove fluid
  16. Abnormal
    not or away from normal
  17. Abnormal Condition or Disease
    1. -ago 2. -esis 3. -ia 4. -iasis 5. -ion 6. -ism 7. -osis
  18. -ac
    pertaining to
  19. Acronym
    word formed from the initial letter of the major parts o a compound term.
  20. Acute
    condition that has a rapid onset a severe course and a relatively rpaid duration
  21. ad-
    "toward or in the direction of (Constrasting is ""ab-")"
  22. Addiction
    drawn toward or a strong dependence on a drug or substance
  23. agor/a
    open space
  24. -al
    pertaining to
  25. -algia
    "pain (see also ""-dynia"")"
  26. Amniocentesis
    withdrawing of amniotic fluid for diagnosti or treatment purposes - Podcast 3
  27. angi/o
    blood vessel
  28. Angiogram
    film/record produced by angiography
  29. Angiography
    process of producing a radiographic (x-ray) study of the blood vessels after the injection of a contrast medium to make the blood vessels visible
  30. ante-
    before; in front of
  31. Antepartum
    before childbirth; labor
  32. Appendectomy
    surgical removal of the appendix (Abbreviation: AP) - Book & Podcast 3
  33. appendic
  34. Appendicitis
    inflammation of the appendix (Abbreviation: AP)
  35. arteri/o
    artery (Sounds Like Means Different: -athr/o and ather/o)
  36. Arteriogram
    record or film of an artery or arteries - Podcast 2
  37. Arteriography
    process of recording or filming an artery or arteries - Podcast 2
  38. Arteriomalacia
    abnormal softening of the walls of an artery or arteries
  39. Arterionecrosis
    tissue death of artery or arteries
  40. Arteriosclerosis
    abnormal hardening of the walls of an artery or arteries
  41. Arteriostenosis
    abnormal narrowing of an artery or arteries - Book & Podcast 2
  42. arthr/o
    joint (Sounds Like Means Different: -otomy and -ostomy)
  43. Arthralgia
    pain in a joint or joints
  44. Arthritis
    joint inflammation - Podcast 2
  45. Arthrocentesis
    withdrawing fluid from a joint - Podcast 3
  46. Arthroscope
    the tool or instrument used to visualy examine a joint - Podcast 2
  47. Arthroscopy
    process of visual examination of the internal structure of a joint - Book & Podcast 2
  48. ather/o
    plaque or fatty substance (Sounds Like Means Different: -atheri/o and athr/o)
  49. Atheroma
    fatty deposit within the wall of an artery
  50. bronch/o
    bronchi of the lungs
  51. cardi/o
  52. Cardiac
    heart (adjective)
  53. Cardiologist
    heart specialist - Podcast 2
  54. Cardiorrhexis
    exploding heart - Podcast 2
  55. Cardiotomy
    surgical incision into the heart - Podcast 3
  56. -centesis
    surgical puncture to remove excess fluid or to remove fluid for diagnostic purposes
  57. Chronic
    condition of a long duration; such diseases can be controlled but they are rarely cured
  58. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    persistent overwhelming fatigue of unknown origin (Abbreviation: CFS)
  59. col/o
  60. Colostomy
    surgical creation of an artifical excretory opening between the colon and the body surface - Book & Podcast 3
  61. Colostomy
    creating an artifical connection between the colon and the outside of the body - Podcast 3
  62. Colotomy
    surgical incision into the colon
  63. Combining Form
    "Word root with a vowel (most commonly ""o"") at the end so suffix beginning with a consonant can be added. Written ""word/vowel"""
  64. Combining Vowel Rules
    1. CV IS used when suffix begins with a consonant 2. CV IS NOT used with suffix begins with a vowel 3. CV IS used when 2 or more word roots are joined.
  65. crani/o
  66. Cranium
    portion of skull enclosing the brain (noun)
  67. cyan/o
  68. Cyanosis
    blue discoloration of the skin caused by lack of oxygen in the blood
  69. cyst/o
  70. -cyte; cyt/o
  71. Cytology
    the study of the anatomy physiology pathology and chemistry of the cell
  72. -derma
  73. Dermatologist
    physician who specializes in diagnosing and treating disorders of the skin
  74. dextro-
  75. dia-
  76. Diagnosis
    identification of a disease (Abbreviation: DX Dx DG Dg Diag diag)
  77. Diarrhea
    frequent flow of loose or watery stools
  78. Differential Diagnosis
    attempt to determine which one of several diseases can be producing the signs and symptoms that are present; also known as R/O (rule out) (Abbreviation: DDx D/D DD Diaf. Diag.)
  79. Directional Prefixes
    dextro-; sinistro-; ab-; ad-;sub-;super-;supra-
  80. Disease
    a condition in which one or more body parts are not functioning normally.
  81. -dynia
    "pain. This suffix is used less often. (see also ""-algia"")"
  82. dys-
    "bad difficult painful (Constrasting is ""eu-"")"
  83. Dysfunctional
    an organ or body part the is not working properly
  84. -ectomy
    surgical removal (Sounds Like Means Different: -otomy and -ostomy)
  85. Edema
    swelling caused by excess fluid in the body tissues
  86. end-
    "within (Same as ""intra-"")"
  87. Endarterial
    pertaining to the interior or lining of an artery
  88. Endoscope
    instrument used to visually examine the interior of a body cavity or organ - ANGEL **
  89. enter/o
    small intestine
  90. Epigastric
    above the stomach or pertaining to above the stomach - ANGEL
  91. Eponym
    disease structure operation or procedure named for the person who discovered or described it first
  92. erythr/o
  93. Erythrocyte
    mature red blood cell
  94. eu-
    "good normal well or easy (Constrasting is ""dys-"")"
  95. Euthyroid
    a normally functioning thyroid
  96. Fissure
    1. groove or crack-like sore of the skin 2. normal folds in the contours of the brain (Sounds like Means Different: Fistula)
  97. Fistula
    abnormal passage usually between two internal organs or leading from an organ to the surfase of the body - may be due to surgery injury or draining of an abscess (Sounds like Means Different: Fissure)
  98. gastr/o
  99. Gastralgia
    stomach pain
  100. Gastritis
    inflammation of the stomach
  101. Gastrodynia
    stomach pain
  102. Gastropathy
    disease or disorder of the stomach - ANGEL **
  103. Gastrosis
    any disease/disorder of the stomach
  104. Geriatrics
    the CARE of aging patients (asopposed to Gerontology which is the study of the PROCESS itelf **
  105. Gerontology
    study of the diseases disorders and problems associated with aging - ANGEL **
  106. Gingivitis
    inflammation of the gingival tissue gums. The earliest stage of periodontal disease
  107. -gram
    a picture or other record - a thing or product
  108. -graphy
    process of producing a picture or other record -
  109. hem/o
  110. Hemorrhage
    the loss of a large amount of blood in a short time (Abbreviation: He)
  111. Hepatomegaly
    abnormal enlargement of the liver - Book & Podcast 2
  112. How To Decipher a Word
    Always start at the end of the word with the suffix and work toward the beginning. Identify the meaning of each part using context.
  113. hyper-
    "excessive or increased (Constrasting is ""hypo-"") "
  114. Hypertension
    higher than normal blood pressure
  115. hypo-
    "deficient or decreased (Constrasting is ""hyper-"")"
  116. Hypotension
    lower than normal blood pressure
  117. Ileum
    last and longest part of the small intestine (Sounds Like Means Different: Ilium) (Memory aid: ileum = intestine)
  118. Ilium
    part of the hip bone (Sounds Like Means Different: ileum) (Memory aid: ilium = hip)
  119. Infection
    invasion of the body by a pathogenic (disease-producing) organism;p the infection can be: 1. Localized - remain near the point of origin or 2. Systemic - affect the entire body
  120. Inflammation
    a localized response to an injury or destruction of tissues. The cardinal signs are: 1. erythema (redness) 2. hyperthermia (warmth) 3. edema (swelling and 4. pain caused by extra blood flowing into the area as a part of the healing process (Abbreviation: inflam Inflamm)
  121. inter-
    "between or among (Constrasting is ""intra-"")"
  122. Interstitial
    between but not within the parts of a tissue
  123. intra-
    "within or inside (Constrasting is ""inter-"" and same as ""end-"")"
  124. Intramuscular
    within or into the muscle as an injection (Abbreviation: IM)
  125. -itis
    inflammation. NOTE: Also commonly used to mean infection.
  126. kyphosis
    Humpback; Dowager's Hump; abnormal increase in the outward curvature of the thoracic spine as viewed from the side frequently associated with aging (kyph/o = hump)
  127. Laceration
    torn or jagged wound or acciental cut wound (Sounds like Means Different: Lesion)
  128. larygn/o
    larynx and throat
  129. Laser
    Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
  130. -lasis
    condition of
  131. Lesion
    pathologic change of the tissues due to disease or injury (Sounds like Means Different: Laceration)
  132. leuk/o
  133. Leukocyte
    white blood ecll
  134. lip-
  135. lith/o
  136. Lithotomy
    surgical incision for the removal of a stone OR an examination or surgical position with the patient lying on the back with the feet and legs raise and supportef by stirrups
  137. macro-
  138. -malacia
    "abnormal softening. The opposite of ""-sclerosis."""
  139. -megaly
    abnormal enlargement
  140. melan/o
  141. Melanosis
    any condition of unusual deposits of blsvk pigment in body tissues or organs
  142. micro-
  143. Mucous
    describes the specialized mucous membranes that line the body cavities; adjective (Sounds Like Means Different: mucus)
  144. Mucus
    name of the fluid ecreted by the mucous membranes; noun. (Sounds Like Means Different: mucous)
  145. my/o
    muscle (Sounds Like Means Different: myel/o and myc/o)
  146. myc/o
    fungus (Sounds Like Means Different: myel/o and my/o)
  147. Mycosis
    a disease casued by a fungus; any abnormal conndition or disease caused by a fungus **
  148. Myectomy
    "surgical removal of a muscle - Podcast 3 NOTE: since wor root ends with a vowel then ""/o"" connecting vowel is NOT used"
  149. myel/o
    1. spinal cord 2. bone marrow (Sounds Like Means Different: myc/o and my/)
  150. Myelopathy
    any pathologic change or disease in the spinal cord **
  151. Myomalacia
    Softening of a muscle - Podcast 2
  152. Myopathy
    any pathologic change or disease of muscle tissue **
  153. Myoplasty
    surgical repair of a muscle
  154. Myorrhaphy
    surgical suturing of muscle wound
  155. Myorrhaphy
    suturing a muscle - Podcast 3
  156. Myorrhexis
    rupture of a muscle
  157. nat/i
  158. natal
    pertaining to birth
  159. -necrosis
    tissue death
  160. Negation Prefixes
    a-; an-
  161. Neonatology
    study of disorders of the newborn
  162. nephr/o
  163. neur/o
  164. Neurectomy
    removal of a nerve - ANGEL **
  165. Neuritis
    inflammation of a nerve or nerves
  166. Neuroplasty
    surgical repair of a nerve - Book & Podcast 3
  167. Noun Endings
    1. -a 2. -e 3. -um 4. -us 5. -y 6. (-ae)
  168. -ologist
    "specicalist participant in an -ology field (Sounds Like Means Different: ""-ology"")"
  169. -ology
    "study of; a specialty field in which an -ologist participates (Sounds Like Means Different: "" -ologist"")"
  170. -oma
  171. -osis
    abnormal condition or disease the idea of something not necessarily specified wrong - a more general term often used incorrectly in place of -pathy
  172. oste/o
  173. Osteitis
    Inflammation of a bone or bones - StudyMate Quiz **
  174. Osteonecrosis
    death of bone tissue - Podcast 2
  175. Osteopathy
    bone disease - Podcast 2
  176. -ostomy
    (surgical) creation of an artifical opening (Sounds Like Means Different: -otomy and -ectomy)
  177. ot/o
  178. Otolaryngology
    study of the ears and throat
  179. -otomy
    cutting or surgical incision (Sounds Like Means Different: -ectomy and -ostomy)
  180. Otorhinolaryngology
    study of the ears nose and throat (Often called ENT)
  181. Palpation
    "an examination technique in which the examiner's hands are used to feel the texture size consistency nd location of certain body parts (Sounds Like Means Different: ""Palpitation"")"
  182. Palpitation
    "pounding or racing heart (Sounds Like Means Different: "" Palpation")"
  183. path/o
  184. Pathology
    study of all aspects of diseases (Abbreviation: path PA pa)
  185. -pathy
  186. peri-
    surrounding (with respect to time)
  187. Pericardium
    around the heart muscle - ANGEL
  188. Perinatal
    refers to the time and events surrounding birth. Time just before during and just after birth.
  189. Pertaining To
    1. -ac 2. -al 3. -ar 4. -ary 5. -eal 6. -ical 7. -ial 8. -ic 9. -ine 10. -ior 11. -ory 12. -ous 13. -tic
  190. phalanx (sing); phalanges (pl)
    bones of fingers and toes
  191. phleb/o
  192. -phobia
  193. -plasty
    surgical repair
  194. poli/o
  195. Poliomyelitis
    viral infection of the grey matter of the spinal cord
  196. Polyneuritis
    inflammation of more than one nerve - ANGEL
  197. post-
  198. Postnatal
    refers to the time and events after birth (Abbreviation: PN)
  199. pre-
  200. Prefix
    "Indicates location time number status amount color negation size position. Always comes at beginning of word; written ""word-"""
  201. Prognosis
    prediction of the probable course and outcome of a disorder (plural: prognoses) (Abbreviation: Px Prx prog progn)
  202. Prostate
    "Male gland that lies under the urinary bladder and surrounds the urethra (Sounds Like Means Different: "" Prostrate"")"
  203. Prostrate
    "1. to collapse and be lying flat 2. to be overcome with exhaustion (Sounds Like Means Different: "" Prostate"")"
  204. Psychologist
    specialist who hold an advanced degree but is not an MD; evaluates and treats emotional problems and mental illness (psych/o = mind)
  205. py/o
    "pus (Sounds Like Means Different: "" pyrl/o and pyr/o"")"
  206. pyel/o
    "renal pelvis (a part of the kidney) (Sounds Like Means Different: ""py/o and pyr/o"")"
  207. Pyelitis
    inflammation of the renal pelvis
  208. Pyoderma
    any acute inflammatory pus-forming bacterial skin infection such as impetigo
  209. pyr/o
    "fever or fire (Sounds Like Means Different: "" pyel/o and pyr/o"")"
  210. Pyrosis
    heartburn; discomfort due to the regurgitation of stomach acid into the esophagus
  211. Pyrosis
    abnormal condition of heat or fever - Podcast 2
  212. Remission; Remitting
    temporary partial or complete disappearance of the symptoms of a disease without having achieved a cure
  213. rhin/o
  214. Rhinorrhea
    runny nose - Podcast 2
  215. -rrhage
    "bleeding; bursting forth of blood (See also ""-rrhagia."")"
  216. -rrhagia
    "bleeding; bursting forth of blood (See also ""-rrhage."")"
  217. -rrhagic
    bleeding; bursting forth of blood (adjective)
  218. -rrhaphy
    surgical suturing
  219. -rrhea
    (abnormal) flow or discharge - referring to the flow of bodily fluids
  220. -rrhexis
    rupture or explosion
  221. -sclerosis
    "abnormal hardening. Opposite of ""-malacia."""
  222. -scopy
    the PROCESS of making a visual examination - use a -scope to perform -scopy
  223. Sign
    objective evidence of disease; can be evaluated or measured by the patient or others
  224. Size Prefixes
    macro-; micro-
  225. -stenosis
    abnormal narrowing
  226. Stoma
    the artificial opening of a body part to the outside of the body - Podcast 3
  227. sub-
    "under less or below (Constrasting are ""super-"" or ""supra-"")"
  228. Subcostal
    below a rib or ribs
  229. Suffix
    "Indicates procedure (operative or non-operative) condition disorder disease diagnoses(es) symptoms. Always comes at end of word; written ""-word"""
  230. Supination
    "act of rotating arm so the palm of the hand is forward and upward (Sounds Like Means Different: "" Suppuration"")"
  231. Suppuration
    "formation or discharge of pus (Sounds Like Means Different: "" Supination"")"
  232. Supracostal
    above or outside the ribs
  233. Symptom
    subjective evidence of a disease such as pain or a headache; can only be measured or evaluated by the patient
  234. Syndrome
    a set of signs and symptoms that occur together as part of a specific disease process
  235. tonsill/o
  236. Tonsillectomy
    surgical removal of the tonsils - Book & Podcast 3
  237. Tonsillitis
    inflammation of the tonsils
  238. Trauma
    "wound or injury such types that might occur in an accident shooting diseaster fire etc. (Sounds Like Means Different: "" Triage"")"
  239. Triage
    "medical screening of patients to determine their relative priority of need and the proper place of treatment (Sounds Like Means Different: "" Trauma"")"
  240. True/False: All medical terms are made up of word parts.
  241. -um
    Noun Ending
  242. uni-
  243. Unusual Plural Forms for Suffixes
    1. -a to -ae 2. -ex or -ix to -ices 3. -is to -es 4. -itis to -ides 5. -nx to -nges or -x to -ges 6. -on to -a 7. -um to -a 8. -us to -i
  244. vir/o
    virus or poison
  245. Viral
    "pertaining to a virus (Sounds Like Means Different: "Virile"")"
  246. Virile
    "having the nature properties or qualities of an adult male (Sounds Like Means Different: "" Viral")"
  247. Word Root
    Basic meaning of word/foundation of most medical terms; cannot stand alone. Usually indicates involved body part.
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