Chemical tests

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  1. Flame test for sodium ions?
    orange flame
  2. Flame tests for lithium
  3. Flame tests for potassium
  4. Flame tests for Clacium
    Brick red flame
  5. Test for ammonium?
    add sodium hydroxide and identify if ammonia is formed
  6. Test for FE 3+?
    React it with sodium Hydroxide then orange - brown precipitate forms
  7. Test for Fe 2+ ?
    React with sodium Hydroxide. Green precipitate forms
  8. Test for for Chloride?
    Nitric acid and silver nitrate solution. white precipitate
  9. Test for Bromide?
    Nitric acid and silver nitrate. Cream precipitate
  10. Test for Iodide?
    Silver nitrate and nitric acid. Yellow precipitate
  11. Test for sulfate?
    Using HCl and BaCl2
  12. Test for Carbonate?
    Use HCl and test CO2 given off
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Chemical tests
All tests to identify metals and non - metals in compounds
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