PSAT Vocab-Week 4:Column 1

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  1. Languish
    become weak, suffer with longing, and melancholy
  2. Lascivious
    wanton, lewd, lustful
  3. Lassitude
    feeling of weariness, languor
  4. Latent
    hidden from ordinary observation
  5. Latex
    the milky fluid secreted by some plants when leaves or stems are broken
  6. Legerdemain
    a deceptive performance that depends on dexterity of hand
  7. Legitimate
    lawful, genuine
  8. Lethargic
    drowsy, slothful
  9. Liable
    exposed to
  10. Libel
    defamation, anything having a tendency to lower reputation or lead to disrepute
  11. Licentiate
    one who has a license to practice a profession
  12. Limitation
    restriction, finitude
  13. Lithe
    gracefully flexible
  14. Livid
    black and blue, discolored, lead-colored
  15. Longitudinal
    pertaining to length
  16. Loquacious
  17. Ludicrous
    apt to raise laughter, ridiculous
  18. Lugubrious
    excessively mournful
  19. Macabre
    gruesome, ghastly
  20. Macadamize
    to cover with small broken stones so as to form a smooth, hard surface
  21. Macerate
    soften by dipping in liquid
  22. Madrigal
    a short poem that can be set to music, a type of song for several voices popular in the Renaissance
  23. Maelstrom
  24. Magisterial
    authoritive, arrogant, dogmatical
  25. Magma
    molten rock within the Earth
  26. Magnanimous
    noble-minded, extrememly generous, especially in overlooking injury
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