PSAT Vocab-Week 4:Column 2

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  1. Magnate
    important business person
  2. Maharanee
    in India, a queen or princess
  3. Mahatma
    In Buddhism, a holy man thought to have unusual powers
  4. Mahout
    elephant driver
  5. Maladroit
    tactless in personal relations
  6. Malaise
    general bodily weakness
  7. Malapropism
    word misused ridiculously
  8. Malfeasance
    wrongdoing, especially in public office
  9. Malignant
    very malicious
  10. Malpractice
    improper professional conduct
  11. Mandate
    a specific order
  12. Manege
    art of or school for horseriding
  13. Mange
    a parasitic skin disease
  14. Mantilla
    silk or lace head scarf
  15. Marcel
    to produce waves in hair
  16. Marquee
    roof projecting from building over sidewalk
  17. Marsupial
    type of mammal having an abdominal pouch
  18. Martinet
    rigid, petty disciplinarian
  19. Marzipan
    an almond sugar candy
  20. Masochism
    sexual satisfaction derived from suffering pain
  21. Masticate
  22. Matrix
    something which gives form
  23. Mawkish
    slightly nauseating, insipidly sentimental
  24. Medicinal
    having the property of healing
  25. Mediocre
    of middle qualitiy
  26. Medley
    mixture, often of musical selections
  27. Megrim
    severe headache, migrain, whim, fad
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