Silas Marner 11

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  1. hopalanda
    1. Tail or train of a gown worn by students. (f)
  2. paño
    1. cloth, material (tela)2. cloth (trapo); duster (para polvo); tea towel (de cocina)paño de loza -> tea towel (Chilean Spanish) 3. panel, length (lienzo)4. (expresiones)conocer el paño -> to know the score ser el paño de lágrimas de alguien -> to be a shoulder to cry on for somebody en paños menores -> in one's underthings paños calientes -> half-measures
  3. capucha
    1. hood
  4. apeadero
    • 1. = minor train stop with no permanent buildings, halt (de tren) (British)
    • 1. An alighting-place, halt (ferrocarriles). (m)La línea cuenta con 10 estaciones y dos apeaderos -> the line has 10 stations and 2 halts Horse block (apoyo). Small flat (casa).
  5. advertir
    • 1. to notice (notar)
    • 2. to warn (prevenir, avisar) me advirtió del peligro -> he warned me of the danger te advierto que no me sorprende -> mind you, it doesn't surprise me
  6. ataviar
    1. to dress up
  7. ceñido
    • 1. tight
    • 3. Tight, close-fitting, clinging.
  8. exentar
    1. To exempt, to grant immunity from, to privilege, to franchise.2. To absolve, to acquit, to excuse, to disengage from an obligation.verb reflexive3. To except oneself.
  9. desproveer
    1. To deprive of provisions, to despoil of the necessaries of life.
  10. sensatez
    • 1. wisdom, common sense
    • 1. Judiciousness, reasonableness, prudence, good sense. (f)
  11. cofia
    • 1. cap (de enfermera, camarera); coif (de monja)
    • 1. A net of silk or thread worn on the head; a kind of cowl, head-dress, headgear, coif. (f)2. An iron case in which the die is fastened for coining. (f)
  12. fichu
    1. Pañoleta triangular llevada al cuello.
  13. papalina
    1. Cap with flaps which cover the ears (gorra). (f)2. Binge (juerga). (f)3. Potato chips. (Ante Meridian & Central America) (m)
  14. lacio
    • 1. straight (cabello) (liso); lank (sin fuerza)2. wilted (planta)3. limp (sin fuerza)
    • 1. Faded, withered, dried up; flaccid, languid.
  15. raso
    6. satin (tela)
  16. tocado
    3. headgear (prenda)4. hairdo (peinado)
  17. aparatoso, -a
    • 1. ostentatious, showy (ostentoso)2. spectacular (espectacular)
    • 1. Pompous, showy, ushered in with great preparations. (Antique)
  18. alhucema
    1. Lavender. (Botany) (f)
  19. pliegue
    1. fold (gen) & (geology)2. pleat (en un plisado)
  20. prolijidad
    • 1. long-windedness (extensión)2. tidiness, neatness (pulcritud) (RP)
    • 1. Prolixity, tediousness. (f)2. Minute attention to trifles: trifling nicety. (f)
  21. chato
    1. snub (nariz); snub-nosed (persona); flat (superficie, objeto)
  22. amasar
    1. to knead (masa); to mix (yeso)2. to amass (riquezas)
  23. fiambre
    • 1. cold meat (alimento) (British), cold cut (United States)2. stiff, corpse (informal) (cadáver)dejar fiambre -> to bump off
    • 1. Cold meat preserved for use.2. Corpse, stiff (cadáver).El pobre está fiambre -> the poor chap is stone dead3. -a.4. Cold (carne).5. (coll.) Of a long standing.m,
  24. enaguas
    1. Petticoat, underskirt. (f)Enaguas blancas -> the inner skirt2. A gown or tunic of black baize, formerly worn by men as mourning. (f)
  25. profano, -a
    1. profane, secular (no sagrado)2. ignorant, uninitiated (ignorante)masculine or feminine noun3. layman, lay person (hombre); laywoman, lay person (mujer)
  26. aferramiento
    1. Grasping, grappling; seizing or binding. (m)Aferramiento de las velas -> (Naut.) The furling of the sails2. Headstrongness. (m)
  27. saya
    • 1. petticoat (Anticuado)
    • 1. Dress skirt (falda), outer skirt, of a woman; petticoat (enaguas) 2. (f)noun Ancient tunic or gown worn by men
  28. holgadamente
    1. Widely, amply, fully, loosely.Caben holgadamente -> they fit easily2. Quietly, carelessly.
  29. cogote
    • 1. nape, back of the neck (peninsular Spanish)
    • 1. Occiput, hind part of the head. (m)2. Crest at the back of the helmet. (m)Coger a uno por el cogote -> to take somebody by the scruff of the neckEstar hasta el cogote -> (Carib.) to have had it up to here
  30. jarrete
    • 1. hock
    • 1. Ham, the upper part of the leg, hock (caballo). (m)
  31. coyuntura
    • 1. moment (situación)la coyuntura económica -> the economic situation 2. joint (articulación)
    • 1. Joint, articulation. (f)2. Occasion, conjuncture, juncture; a critical point of time, a seasonable opportunity. (f)La coyuntura política -> the political situationEsperar una coyuntura favorable -> to await a favorable moment
  32. caléndula
    • 1. calendula, pot marigold
    • 1. Marigold. (Botany) (f)
  33. empollar
    1. to incubate (huevo)2. to bone up on (informal) (estudiar) (peninsular Spanish), to swot up (on) (British)intransitive verb3. to swot (informal) (peninsular Spanish)empollarse pronomial verb1. to swot up (on) (informal) (peninsular Spanish)
  34. huero
    • 1. hollow (vacío); empty (palabras)
    • 1. Empty, addle (huevo).2. Addle, empty, void. (Metaphorical)noun3. A person with lightcolored hair. (Mexico) (m)
  35. realzar
    • 1. to enhance (destacar)
    • 1. To raise, to elevate; to emboss.2. To heighten the colors in a painting, to emboss.3. To illustrate, to aggrandize.
  36. apogeo
    • 1. height, apogee está en (pleno) apogeo -> it is at its height
    • 2. Culmination, apex. (m)En todo su apogeo -> in all its glory, at is peak
  37. disipar
    transitive verb1. to dispel (dudas, sospechas); to shatter (ilusiones)2. to squander, to throw away (fortuna, herencia)3. to drive o blow away (niebla, humo, vapor)disiparse pronomial verb1. to be dispelled (dudas, sospechas); to be shattered (ilusiones)2. to vanish (niebla, humo, vapor)
  38. mentón
    1. chin
  39. fijeza
    1. firmness con fijeza -> definitely, for sure; (con seguridad) fixedly (con persistencia)
  40. apenar
    1. to sadden (entristecer)apenarse pronomial verb1. (entristecerse)to be saddened 2. to be ashamed, to be embarrassed (avergonzarse) (Am salvo RP)
  41. tabaquera
    • 1. tobacco tin (caja)
    • 1. A kind of round snuffbox used by common people (para tabaco). (f)2. Case for a tobacco-pipe (de pipa). (f)3. Bowl of a tobacco-pipe. (f)
  42. ápice
    1. peak (vértice) (de montaña); tip (de hoja, lengua)2. peak, height (punto culminante)3. iota (pizca)ni un á. -> not a single bit no cedió un á. -> he didn't budge an inch
  43. dehesa
    • 1. meadow
    • 1. Pasture-ground. (f)Dehesa concejil -> common, a pasture-ground
  44. finado, -a
    • 2. Dead, deceased.Día de los finados -> All Souls' Day
    • noun
    • 3. Person dead. (m & f)
  45. sotabarba
    1. double chin
  46. rezongar
    1. to grumble, to moan
  47. colación
    1. snack (para comer)2. (informal)sacar o traer algo a colación -> to bring something up (tema)
  48. allende
    • preposition1. beyond (Literario)allende los mares -> across the seas
    • adverb1. On the other side. (Obsolete)Allende d -> v
  49. mirlo
    1. blackbird ser un mirlo blanco (figurative) -> to be one in a million
  50. brío
    • 1. spirit, verve (energía, decisión)
    • 1. Strength, force, vigor, manliness. (m)2. Spirit, resolution, courage, valor. (Metaphorical) (m)Es un hombre de bríos -> he is a man of spirit, he is a man of mettleBajar los bríos a alguno -> to pull down one's spirits, to humble
  51. sebo
    1. fat (grasa sólida); tallow (para jabón, velas)
  52. brezo
    1. heather
  53. baya
    1. berry
  54. raído, -a
    1. threadbare (desgastado); frayed (por los bordes)
  55. cohibido, -a
    • 1. inhibited
    • 1. Restrained, restricted; full of inhibitions (de temperamento); shy, timid.Sentirse cohibido -> to feel shy
  56. frac
    1. tails, dress coat
  57. trocar
    transitive verb1. (transformar)trocar algo (en algo) -> to change something (into something) 2. to swap, to exchange (intercambiar)3. to mix up (malinterpretar)trocarse pronomial verb1. (transformarse)trocarse (en) -> to change (into)
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