Medical Terms

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  1. Patient
    a tatient is any person who receives medical attention, care or treatment.
  2. Diagnosis
    The identification by a medical doctor of a condition, diseas, disorder or injury in a patient through physical examination, medical test.
  3. Inpatient
    A person admitted to the hospital and stays overnight for an indeterminate time. Usually several days, weeks or more. A hospital is also called a facility.
  4. Admission
    Registration of a patient for services in a hospital or health facility, considered an inpatient.
  5. Outpatient
    A person who is not hospitalized overnight but who visits a hospital, clinic, or associated facility for diagnosis or treatment.
  6. Procedure
    A service, treatment or srgery that is provided to a patient.
  7. Disease
    A condition or illness
  8. Condition
    Is a state of health.
  9. Manifistation
    Signs or symptoms of an illness.
  10. Symptom
    Any change in the body condition or its functions that is noticed by the patient.
  11. Asystomatic
    Not showing any of the typical symptoms of a diseas or condition.

    Example: Som conditions such as aneurysms do not exhibit any symptoms and therefore asystomatic.
  12. Sign
    Any abnormal indication or evidence of the presence of a diseas or disorder. Especially as observed and interpreted by the physician rather than by the patient.
  13. Cause
    Where it originiated which produces a condition or produces any effect. To be the reason for the condition.
  14. Complication
    The occurance of two or more diseases in the same patient at the same time.
  15. Systemic / Systematic
    Affecting the entire body as a whole.
  16. Severity of Illness
    Refers to the levels of loss of function and mortality (death) that may be experianced by patients with a particular diseas.
  17. Morbidity
    Condition of being diseased (morbid)
  18. Mortality
  19. Etiology
    Cause of a disease.
  20. After Care
    An encounter for something planned in advance.

    Example: Cast removal
  21. Adverse Effect Reaction
    Any harmful reaction: to a drug or chemical that occurs with proper dosage. Any undesirable or unwanted consequences of a preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic procedure or regimen.
  22. Eponyms
    Medical procedures or conditions named after a person or a place.
  23. Anomaly
    Abnormality, state of being different from standard or norm.
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