RA I - Nose

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  1. Anterior nares
    the two openings of the nostrils in the base of the nose

    external opening of the nostrils
  2. Arch of the wing
    the inferior margin of the Wing which forms a concave arc (superiorly)
  3. Bridge
    component of the dorsum

    the dome over the upper part of the Nasal Cavity and formed by the Nasal Bones

    a raised support as the arched portion of the nose which is supported by the nasal bones
  4. Columna nasi
    the tiny superficial partition between the nostrils

    most inferior part of the nose

    the fleshy termination of the nasal septum at the base of the nose
  5. Dorsum
    the anterior ridge of the nose

    composed of the: root, bridge, protruding lobe >> tip

    the protruding ridge of the nose
  6. Glabella
    forehead eminence above the Root

    the smooth prominence between the eyebrows
  7. Leptorrhine
    the nose of the white (caucasoid) race is prominent at the bridge and long

    a classification given to a nose which is long, narrow and high-bridged (caucasian)
  8. Mesorrhine
    the nose of the yellow (mongoloid) race is intermediate between the other two classifications

    a classification given to a nose which is medium broad and medum low-bridged
  9. Nasal sulcus
    the small angular area between the Wing and the cheek (Nasolabial Fold)

    the angular area between the posterior margin of the wing of the nose and the anterior border of the cheek

    a natural facial marking
  10. Platyrrhine
    the nose of the black (african) race has minimum projection at the bridge and is broad and short

    a classification given to a nose which is short and broad and has the minum of projection
  11. Protruding lobe
    component of the dorsum

    the spherical area forming the inferior part of the Dorsum and adjoining the Wings and Columna Nasi; it includes the Tip
  12. Root

    Root of the nose
    componentof the dorsum

    the concave dip below the forehead (Glabella) at the articulation of the Frontal and Nasal Bones (profile view)

    the apex (top) of the pyramidal mass of the nose which lies directly below the forehead
  13. Sides
    the lateral walls of the nose between the Wings and the Bridge
  14. Tip
    component of the Protruding Lobe and the Protruding Lobe is a component of the dorsum

    the point of greatest projection of the nose (and Protruding Lobe)

    the termination of the forward projection of the nose
  15. Wings
    the lateral lobes of the nose which lie between the Protruding Lobe and the cheeks (or Nasal Sulcus)
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