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  1. What Epitome PMS product can be used to search and retrieve guest information by name, address, confirmation number from the property and CRS, and guarantee codes?
    Guest Data Worksheet
  2. What Epitome PMS product allows users to search for accounts using data in any form?
    Query Wizard
  3. What Epitome PMS product gives you a graphical look at the status of each room?
    Blocking Worksheet
  4. What does the front desk backup report contains current information on the status of?
    The status of rooms in the event your system goes down for a period of time and allows the front desk to check guests in and out of rooms, in the event your system goes down.
  5. Which report tells you what rooms are vacant, cleaned, and ready for the next guest to check into?
    Front desk back-up report
  6. When does the lodging general manager prepare the occupancy report?
  7. What information does the occupancy report provide?
    Use of quarters by officers and enlisted personnel
  8. What is used when your operation is not automated?
    Use a manual or paper form of a guest registration to collect information concerning the guest's stay.
  9. What is the cost of a lost lodging key?
    There is no cost
  10. Who must establish procedures to efficiently pre-block and assign rooms and to check-in guests who are part of a group?
    General Manager
  11. When handling a complaint, why do you repeat what the guest is saying?
    Make sure you understand the problem or complaint
  12. When should you release room and phone numbers to individuals who call or come to lodging?
    With guest expressed permission
  13. What is the preferred way of storing guest valuables?
    Lockable boxes similar to a bank safe deposit box
  14. Who is responsible for handling, storing, and disposing of guest property that is lost, misplaced, or left behind?
    The front desk clerk
  15. Who must maintain a log annotating all found property by building, date found, room, by whom, and disposition of the property?
    Housekeeping staff
  16. When are guests required to pay in advance for stays up through 30 days?
    When they can't produce a valid credit card upon check-in
  17. When does the guest verify his or her bill with lodging?
    Upon 15 or 30 day point or at checkpoint
  18. Who establishes procedures and guidance for shift changes?
    General Manager
  19. When do you use night depository?
    To make deposits after normal business hours
  20. Who authorizes general managers to approve cash refunds not to exceed $500.00?
  21. Explain the steps used to open your bank
    • 1) You will start at the Operations, Guest Worksheet window.
    • 2) Using the 'Cashier' pull down menu and select 'Open bank'
    • 3) Type in your password and Click 'OK'. This will bring up the 'Open Bank' Screen.
    • 4) Press 'F2' This will bring up the 'Cashier Banks' window
    • 5) Choose your bank, by highlighting it and Click 'OK'
    • 6) Click 'OK' again. Your bank is now open and contains the change fund amount.
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