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  1. Can experience answer the question of miracles?
  2. Why are miracles hard to prove?
    It is useless to appeal to experience before we have the philosophic question of whether or not miracles are possible.
  3. What is C.S. Lewis' definition of a miracle and how does it differ from the definition of nature?
    • miracle- "an interference with nature by supernatural power"
    • Nature- what happens of itself; a closed integrated system
  4. A Naturalist must give up what?
    belief in free will
  5. What is the fatal weakness of naturalism?
    Everything must be able to be explained in terms of the "Total System"
  6. In naturalism, what kind of thinking would be impossible?
    meta-cognition or introspection in naturalism. Nature controls independent thinking, making independent thought impossible. (Dawkin's meme)
  7. Is it possible for nature to give rise to a cosmic consciousness and if so what kind of "god" would it be?
    God (infinite) would have to arise out of the finite, which isn't possible. Therefore, a cosmic consciousness would be like a human born out of a mindless nature.
  8. What is Lewis' conclusion about Nature producing a "god" or even the human mind?
    "To believe that nautre produced a God, or even the human mind, is, as we have seen, absurd.
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C.S. Lewis on miracles
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