CTT 25-58

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  1. Verbal Inspiration
    The theory that God, or the holy spirit, directed the biblical authors to write what is contained in the Bible without any input from the human author.
  2. Biblical Inerrancy
    For faith communities who accept the verbal inspiration of the bible, thismeans that the Bible is completely accurate in all respects and containsno mistakes whatsoever
  3. Myth
    A story that articulates, in symbolic word and images, a people's most profound sense of themselves and their world, their destiny, and their relationship to the deity
  4. Anthropomorphism
    Attributing human like characteristics to God
  5. The Fall
    The theological doctrine that holds that human beings were originally created in a state of perfection but lost that state when they sinned against God.
  6. Omnipotent
    All powerful,
  7. Benevolence
    Good will
  8. Legend
    Stories that are situated in human history and involve characters and events that are part of the historical memories of the people who preserved them, but their purpose is to edify their readers and provide examples of the traditions, values, and ideals that these people hold sacred.
  9. Covenant
    A sacred or formal agreement between two parties
  10. Abraham
    The first patriarch of the Israelite people with whom God formed an everlasting covenant; claimed as an ancestor by Jews, Christians and Muslims
  11. Patriarch
    • - An early father of a people or founder of a group, like Abraham, Issac, and Jacob
    • - Bishop of one of the leading seats of early Christianity: Rome…
  12. Ishmael
    Son of Abraham by his wife's maid Hagar, who was sent away into the desert but was rescued by God.; claimed by the Muslims as the son of Abraham through whom they descent.
  13. Isaac
    Son of Abraham (by his wife Sarah) and patriarch of the Israelite people, with whom the covenant with the Israelites is continued and thought whom the promises to Abraham are fulfilled
  14. Jacob
    Son of Isaac and patriarch of the Israelite people, renamed Israel by God. Jacob migrated from Canaan to Egypt with his twelve sons.
  15. Israel
    The Israelite people, so named after their common ancestor Jacob, who was renamed Israel by God

    The country in which the Israelites dwelled

    The name of the northern kingdom of the Israelites
  16. Joseph
    Favorite son of Jacob and founder of one of the twelve tribes of Israel, he was sold into slavery in Egypt but eventually ascended to become a high governing official
  17. Moses
    The greatest prophet of Israel, who lead the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt and into the promised land of Canaan, and who received from God on Mount Sinai the Law on which the Israelite covenant with God is based
  18. Exodus
    The second book of the Hebrew bible/OT

    The mass departure of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt through the saving action of God
  19. Prophets
    A spokesperson for God, chosen by God to reveal his will power
  20. Aaron
    According to the Exodus story, Moses' brother and assistant
  21. Passover
    The Jewish holiday that celebrates the event when God rescued the Israelites from captivity in Egypt by killing the firstborn son of the Egyptians but "passing over" the house of the Israelites.
  22. Sacrifice
    Referring to the practice of offering gifts to god or the gods as a way to make a request of the deity or to give thanks for favors received
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