vocab. 7

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  1. adieu
    farewell, a farewell
  2. advent
    an arrival a coming into place or view
  3. apex
    the highest point, tip
  4. assimilate
    to absorb fully or make ones own; to adopt as one's own' to adapt fully
  5. bogus
    false, counterfeit
  6. exorbitant
    unreasonably high; excessive
  7. interim
    the time between, temporary, coming berween two points in time.
  8. inundate
    to flood, overflow, to overwhelm by mumbers or size
  9. malign
    to speak evil of, slander; evil
  10. meander
    towander about, wind about a shart turn or twist
  11. metropolis
    a large city; the chief city of an area
  12. momentous
    very important
  13. obstreperous
    noisy unruly, disorderly
  14. pensive
    thoughtful; melancholy
  15. shoddy
    of poor quality; characterized by inferior workmanship
  16. sprightly
    lively full of life; apicy, flavorful
  17. surly
    angry and bad-tempered; rude
  18. triade
    a long, angry speech, usually very critical
  19. vagrant
    an idle wanderer, tramp ,wandering amimlessly
  20. perilous
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